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AIIM TR21-1991, Recommendations for the Identifying Information to be Placed on Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) and Rewritable Optical Disk (OD) Cartridge Label(s) and Optical Disk Cartridge Packaging (Shipping Containers)

This technical report contains recommendations for optical disk manufacturers, shippers, and users, for the identifying information to be placed on the physical labels of WORM and rewritable ODs and their external packaging.

This technical report outlines recommended information that should be placed on optical disk cartridges and optical disk cartridge packaging (on physical label or other printed surface) for the purpose of identifying the optical disk. It applies to all sizes of optical disk cartridges that can store user-recordable information. This technical report does not attempt to specify the types of container(s) or protection needed for packaging optical disks.

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