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AIIM TR11-1987 R1998, Microfilm Jacket Formatting and Loading Techniques

This technical report has been prepared to provide guidelines and information for the formatting and loading of microfilm jackets. This report is not a standard; it is a series of recommendations for jacketing microfilm which , if followed by producers and end users of microfilm jackets, should result in greater consistency and effectiveness in the micrographics industry.

Microfilm jackets are one of the many microforms available to help serve the demanding needs of today’s information management. Microfilm jackets are one type of an updatable microform. They offer the means of adding, deleting, and/or replacing information within a unit by the addition of replacement of microfilm images. In order to avoid confusion by the user and/or producer of microfilm jackets, this technical report is available to assist with basic information about some techniques that will assure that microfilm jackets and their by-products comply with those concerns of workmanship particular to this industry.

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