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AIIM MS62-1999, Recommended Practice for COM Recording Systems Having an Internal Electronic Forms Generating System - Operational Practices for Inspection and Quality Control

This standard describes software forms used for the image quality evaluation of Computer Output Microfilm (COM) recorder systems. It also describes a preferred method of using the test forms for initial COM recorder testing to establish a quality reference baseline and for periodic testing of COM image quality that may signal the need for adjustment or maintenance.

This standard describes the components of a software test form to be used in COM recorder systems that can accept electronic forms. The software test form serves to generate by electronic means an image corresponding to the components of the form as defined in this standard. The components have been designed to check or test certain capabilities of the COM recorder system to assure that good image quality is being obtained and that during the use of the COM recorder system, the quality is being maintained. The recording method (i.e., laser scanner method, cathode ray tube method, light emitting diode method, or the like) is not relevant in establishing the software test form components. The test target form could also complement the quality control of alphanumeric COM recorder systems that use a hard test form slide, such as that described in AIIM MS28.

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