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AIIM ARP-1-2009, Analysis, Selection, and Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

This industry recommended practice presents a set of procedures and activities, which should be considered and/or performed during all aspects of analyzing, selecting and implementing electronic document management systems.  Using the information contained in this document will enable the organization to consider all of the recommended steps, procedures, and activities highly recommended for EDMS projects, thereby significantly improving the project results.  This document has been prepared by a team of recognized industry experts following ANSI/AIIM rules and procedures associated with the creation of standards and guidelines to ensure all input is considered and incorporated where appropriate.   While there are many proprietary approaches and methods used by individual companies and organizations, this best practice has been prepared and updated to provide clear and agreed-upon guidance associated with industry best practices in a vendor-neutral format.  This document provides a categorization of relevant national and international standards and reports enabling users and organizations to quickly identify and locate required information for all aspects of the EDMS project.

The scope of this AIIM Recommended Practice is to present a set of procedures and activities, which should be considered and/or performed during all project phases from initial business analysis, through vendor selection, and technology implementation.  Recognizing that the implementation of processes to manage electronically stored information requires significant participation from the affected business units along with guidance from the technical teams, records managers and organizational management, this document has been prepared taking all perspectives into account.

There is a difference between Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Content Management (ECM) and Electronic Document Management systems.  For purposes of discussion within this document, the use of the acronyms EDMS and ECM are identical from the perspective that both require the use of core technologies along with policies, procedures, and methodologies to successfully design, implement, and manage electronically stored information.

This document provides both user and technical levels of information and guidance detailing specific recommended activities and project tasks/phases recognized throughout the EDMS industry as being the EDMS industry best practice.  This best practice is related to analyzing business processes, evaluating appropriate/relevant technologies and ensuring complete technology implementation where required by the organization.  

All relevant project steps, tasks, and activities contained within this document, along with compliance with relevant industry standards and guidelines should be examined and “certified” by the technical implementation team, especially when required by government codes and/or regulations.  

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