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Forms Processing – Text and Handwriting Recognition (OCR/ICR)

In this infographic, we highlight the importance of hand-written form fields and the latest techniques in character recognition. Results are from an AIIM survey focused on OCR and ICR. 

Social In the Flow – Transforming Processes and Sharing Knowledge

This infographic shows the key results from our survey about the business use of social technologies and some of the implications. 

4 Business Drivers for ERM

AIIM How-to Guide

Business Records Have Value. Managing records shouldn't be viewed as "just another expense." Instead, view electronic records management as an opportunity. Download this paper and learn the 4 business drivers for ERM: Compliance, Continuity, Effectiveness, Efficiency

9 Ingredients to a Successful Taxonomy

AIIM How-to Guide

The nine principles of classification are critical in evaluating how good your classification scheme is. If you are developing your organization’s first classification scheme; these principles will ensure that the taxonomy created will meet the needs of your users. If you have an existing structure, these principles can help you decide if that structure is meeting the needs of your users.

ECM: Impact on Collaboration and Social Business

AIIM How-to Guide

This White Paper will help you: Understand any challenges as you move towards a more collaborative environment, both in terms of technology and culture; Embrace governance and ensure that your environment is meeting your business requirements and best practices; Identify the opportunities provided by adding collaborative elements to your ECM platform; List and explain the technologies that can enhance collaboration.

Get Ready to Capture Content

AIIM How-to Guide

Capture is now much more than just scanned images and scanned documents. The latest trends demonstrate that capture at different points of entry is even more critical to feeding downstream applications and process flows, speeding turnaround times on processing, and improving corporate agility. Learn how to lower costs, speed up business processes, increase access to information, and become more compliant through capture.

How to Conduct a Social Business Assessment

AIIM How-to Guide

This "How To" paper will help you; Understand the purpose and benefits of a Social Business Assessment; Take appropriate steps in the creation of an assessment, leveraging industry best practices; Identify the information that is critical to capture in order to reduce your future liability; Leverage your information to make informed decisions.

Business Process Improvement: Your Journey Starts Here

AIIM How-to Guide

Many organizational processes are – like the cowpaths of old – never designed, they happened out of serendipitous need and became the way things get done. From a business standpoint, this is neither the best nor most efficient way to work. Planning, designing, and developing processes that focus the organization on reaching specific outcomes, quickly and efficiently, should be a priority; not an afterthought

How to Achieve Records Management Best Practices

AIIM How-to Guide

Learn how to achieve best practices in ERM today with this compelling "how to" briefing from AIIM. This "how to" brief will help you:
- Ensure Information Governance
- Create a Classification Scheme
- Develop a Metadata Model
- Bring about Change Management
- Manage Social Media

How Ready Is Your Organization for Change

AIIM How-to Guide

The only constant, the saying goes, is change. In your constant efforts to improve and grow your business, you will need to change business processes, continually upgrade your products, automate with technology -- and most importantly -- keep your employees and customers happy.

IT initiatives don't often fail because of the technology; but because of spotty user adoption or outright rejection. Change management is a key factor in the acceptance, adoption, and success of any ECM system implementation. This handy checklist will help you create an ECM project plan that keeps this critical fact top of mind.
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