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Managing Document Processes within ERP Business Suites

In this infographic, we will look at the issues that arise from uncoupled or loosely coupled ECM and ERP systems, the potential benefits of closely coupled systems, and recommendations when considering content integration between core business systems.

Managing Inbound Communications to Optimize Customer Experience

White Paper

In this survey report, we look at the drivers and issues for multi-channel inbound, and the benefits reported by those using content capture across multiple content types to drive intelligent or self-learning inbound handling.

Capture to Cloud: Automating AP for Large and Small Enterprises

White Paper

In this report, we look at the drivers and adoption for AP systems, the ROI being achieved, and the implications of cloud or SaaS solutions.

Multi-Customer Process Software for DPOs – Improving Time-to-Profit

White Paper

In this report, we will look at the issues DPOs have, the challenge of providing added value for their clients, and the replacement cycle for their tools and systems. We will consider how more modern, multi-tenanted systems, based on cloud-like design principles, would allow them to set up new contracts much more quickly and flexibly, helping clients smooth out process glitches, and decreasing time-to-profit.

Collaborative Workspaces – Making Information Work Simpler, Smarter, Safer, and Faster


In June of 2015, AIIM gathered its North American and European Leadership Councils for two summits on Collaboration in the Workplace. Their exploration of the topic, findings, and projections have been recorded in this latest leadership report.

What Will It Take to Be a NextGen InfoPro?

White Paper

In this report, we look at the expectations organizations have of their information professionals, how respondents see themselves, and the steps they can take to gain the requisite skill sets to remain relevant.

Mobile and Cloud: Accessing, Capturing, and Processing Content

Industry Watch

In this survey report, we look at the take-up of mobile content access and mobile collaboration apps, the issues with integration, BYOD and security, and the way cloud has become a key element of mobile deployment.

Intelligently Solving Business Problems with Innovative eDiscovery

White Paper

In this paper we present the various elements related to litigation discovery and preservation, supplemented with AIIM Research data, taking the reader on a journey depicting the importance and benefits of using the cloud.

Improve Content Access, Team Collaboration, and Mobility

In this Infographic based on the AIIM white paper titled “Shared Content Foundation for Company-wide Engagement”, we highlight key areas of improvement and the need to eliminate content silos made up of shared drives.

Shared Content Foundation for Company-Wide Engagement

White Paper

In this paper we present the challenges related to the use of shared network drives and recommendations on how to move toward a solid ECM environment that supports an interactive, collaborative, and mobile workforce.
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