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What Does it Mean for Procurement Processes to be Both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

There's an argument to be made for extending ECM capabilities into your ERP system. But where should one begin? In this tip sheet, we explore procurement as an ideal ERP process that would benefit from integrating content seamlessly into your ERP system.

A Day in the Life of a Customer


CRM systems are critical to effective customer relationships. But the first step in optimizing these systems is to look at them from the outside-in — from the perspective of the customer. In this infographic, we provide a glimpse into a day in the life of your customer.

Integrating Content Services into Low Code Applications

Industry Watch

As the need for automation has moved beyond the core set of initial enterprise content management (ECM) processes, it's become clear that low-code and no-code applications are a priority for a host of knowledge workers who are not IT or BPM specialists.

Bridging the Gap Between Security Awareness and Action


Download this FREE infographic to learn about the 5 key elements of an effective information security strategy and your 4-step plan to put it all into action.

Automating Compliance and Governance

Industry Watch

What's happening to our business environment that's making our information so hard to govern and meet compliance requirements? Let's face it - governing and protecting our information these days is downright hard! We're all feeling the pressure but, it's not enough to just say it's too hard and give up. Instead, let's take a step back and look at what's happening in the environment that we're managing information in.

There are 4 important environmental factors to consider, download the report to take an in-depth look at each of these 4 factors.

A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Professional


Download this FREE infographic to learn how Intelligent and Connected Information Management capabilities can help ease some of your daily HR challenges.

Bridging the Gap Between Security Awareness and Action


The key to keeping your business' name out of the data breach headlines comes down to strategy. Learn about 5 key objectives to a successful information security strategy.

What does it Mean for CRM Processes to be both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

Download this FREE tip sheet to learn more about the 4 questions every C-level executive and business professional should ask about their CRM system.

The Info Pro's "Save Your Sanity" Checklist


Get a step by step checklist to automate governance and compliance without losing your head.

What does it Mean for Human Resources Processes to be both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

Learn how Intelligent Information Management can be applied to your Human Resources processes to revolutionize your Human Capital Management.
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