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What does Information Management “Modernization” Really Mean?

Tip Sheet

Organizations are seeking something to be different in how they manage the information assets that are, after all, the future of their business. In this FREE tip sheet, we take a look at what information management "modernization" really means.

3 Tips to Get Started on the Human Resources Automation Journey

Tip Sheet

Where's the best place to start your HR automation? Get this FREE tip sheet outlining 3 tips to get you on your way to benefitting from automation in your HR department.

5 Key Data Points about Office 365


Office 365 is on the rise - what does that mean for the way we manage, store, and protect our information? Download this FREE infographic for a look at the key data points.

How does the Office 365 Revolution Impact Governance and Process Automation?

Industry Watch

There are over 120 million monthly active Office 365 users and growing - what does that mean for the way we manage, store, and protect our information?

In this report, we explore this question and dig deeper into what the Office 365 revolution means for information management.

A Day in the Life of a Procurement Professional


Procurement is a critical a process that is suboptimal in many organizations due to the failure to consider the context in which content flows through the process and how content is integrated into an ERP system. Intelligent Automation offers an opportunity for content to be delivered in context.

Why is Information Disposition Just as Important as Information Retention

Tip Sheet

As the amount of information we're managing continues to rapidly increase, those without leveraging the use of automation risk being consumed by the rising tide of information. Learn how to address your information ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) with automation.

Why is Information Security Critical to the Next Generation of Digital Business

Tip Sheet

Information risk continues to grow all throughout our businesses. Learn why information security has become the key to success in the digital age.

Why is Perimeter Information Security No Longer Enough?

Tip Sheet

As we continue to change how we work with the use of technology like mobile, perimeter security just may no longer be enough. Download this tip sheet to learn how the security focus needs to shift in two directions –to information end points and to information entry points.

What Does it Mean for Procurement Processes to be Both Intelligent AND Connected?

Tip Sheet

There's an argument to be made for extending ECM capabilities into your ERP system. But where should one begin? In this tip sheet, we explore procurement as an ideal ERP process that would benefit from integrating content seamlessly into your ERP system.

A Day in the Life of a Customer


CRM systems are critical to effective customer relationships. But the first step in optimizing these systems is to look at them from the outside-in — from the perspective of the customer. In this infographic, we provide a glimpse into a day in the life of your customer.
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