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Intelligent Automation — Putting Content into Context


Traditional ECM solutions no longer meet business needs when it comes to managing and extracting value from rapidly increasing sources and volumes of information. Learn why intelligent automation is becoming imperative for digital survival.

Enhancing Your RPA Implementation with Intelligent Information

Industry Watch

There are few trends in IT space right now generating more interest than Robotic Process Automation, or RPA. If you explore why, it’s easy to see why it's generating so much buzz. In this ebook, we get to the bottom of this impactful technology by asking some key questions.

Information Governance is Too Important to be Left in the Hands of Knowledge Workers


The old manual ways of thinking about our Information Governance problems have failed. In order to control this content, it must be captured or classified automatically, and retention policies must also be applied automatically. Learn more with this FREE eBook.

Intelligent Automation - Putting Content into Context


In this rapidly changing environment, four forces are aligning to create new demands upon the content management capabilities within organizations. It is no longer enough to just store and archive content; it must be put to use in context as part of a broader drive to Intelligent Automation.

Four Steps to Untangling Your Invoicing Processes

Tip Sheet

Organizations are beginning to realize that improved effectiveness and efficiency of finance and accounting processes are not only worthy goals within the finance department, but goals that have strategic benefits for the corporation as a whole. Learn how to get started with this FREE tip sheet.

What does Information Management “Modernization” Really Mean?

Tip Sheet

Organizations are seeking something to be different in how they manage the information assets that are, after all, the future of their business. In this FREE tip sheet, we take a look at what information management "modernization" really means.

3 Tips to Get Started on the Human Resources Automation Journey

Tip Sheet

Where's the best place to start your HR automation? Get this FREE tip sheet outlining 3 tips to get you on your way to benefitting from automation in your HR department.

5 Key Data Points about Office 365


Office 365 is on the rise - what does that mean for the way we manage, store, and protect our information? Download this FREE infographic for a look at the key data points.

How does the Office 365 Revolution Impact Governance and Process Automation?

Industry Watch

There are over 120 million monthly active Office 365 users and growing - what does that mean for the way we manage, store, and protect our information?

In this report, we explore this question and dig deeper into what the Office 365 revolution means for information management.

A Day in the Life of a Procurement Professional


Procurement is a critical a process that is suboptimal in many organizations due to the failure to consider the context in which content flows through the process and how content is integrated into an ERP system. Intelligent Automation offers an opportunity for content to be delivered in context.
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