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[Working Lunch Series] 5 Key ECM Strategies Taken from Star Wars

John Mancini

Welcome to fourth and final installment of our Working Lunch Blog Series. For those who are new to the Working Lunch series, the idea here is simple - for the last couple of weeks, we've posted a video of one of our most popular sessions from The AIIM Conference 2017. We invite you to grab a bite to eat and enjoy an educational video during your lunch hour! Or make it social and invite the whole staff to watch!

The Cost of Doing Business with Paper in New Zealand


Is working at the speed of paper acceptable or holding you back?

In this infographic, we present the findings of our survey on how paper is impacting business processes in New Zealand, and some of the steps taken to remove paper and automate business processes.

Is Paper Choking New Zealand Business Processes


Organisations across New Zealand, like those in many countries around the globe, are wrestling with the challenge of paper clogging and choking their processes. For some organisations the issue is substantial, yet for others, it appears that paper is irrelevant and working at the speed of paper is acceptable.

In this eBook, we present the findings of our survey on how paper is impacting business processes in New Zealand, and some of the steps taken to remove paper and automate business processes.

SharePoint for Collaboration: 3 Steps to Dynamic Co-authoring


Download this checklist and learn how to seemlessly collaborate on docuements with SharePoint and cure the collaboration headache! Learn how to : Use co-authoring with SharePoint, best align collaboration with your business requirements and train your employees.

New Standards for ECM Strategy


Is your ECM approach at the highest standard? Whether it is compliance, security, user experience or any of the other trends impacting IT today, organizations are being held to higher standards. Your approach to ECM should be no different and should align with the goals of your business. But, what is the highest standard of ECM? How do you ensure your strategy is the best it can be?
In this white paper, we answer these questions and take a look at how these new IT trends relate to your ECM strategy.

Three reasons why cloud content management matters to you. And your customers.

John Mancini

I recently came upon this white paper from Docuware – Plan Your Move to Cloud Office Automation. There’s a lot to like in this white paper.  This particular section caught my eye – particularly re organizations that are still “philosophically” resistant to the cloud – “Why cloud matters to you. And your customers.”

CIP Spotlight: Joanie Erickson From Molex Shares Her Story

Joanie Erickson

As part of our Certified Information Professional Spotlight series, I recently sat down with Joanie Erickson, Global Records and Information Governance Leader at Molex, an electronics manufacturer specializing in connectors. We talked about how the certification has helped her establish credibility among her teammates and even get a new job!

Minimize Business Risk: Top 5 Information Governance Obstacles You Must Tackle Now


In this eBook, we look at the top 5 information governance obstacles you must tackle and present some ways to address how your business can make some changes to move forward with your IG program.

Yes, ECM needs a makeover. And yes, ECM capabilities are more critical than ever. Both are true.

John Mancini

Yes, I know "ECM" is supposed to be passé now. 

Per Merriam-Webster, the three definitions of passé are:

    past one's time
    behind the times

4 Information Capture Challenges to Prepare for the Era of AI and Move to the Next Level

John Mancini

In a recent AIIM survey we investigated the question of what information capture “leadership” looks like in user organizations. What does information capture look like in leading organizations that want to position this competency not only as a source of immediate competitive advantage, but also as a long-term competency critical to the coming era of machine learning?
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