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Integrating Content Services into Low Code Applications

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In the first wave of process automation, organizations focused on large-scale, mission-critical, document-intensive processes. The BPM and ECM capabilities used to solve this first generation of problems tended to be expensive, complicated, and had long implementation cycles, but this didn’t matter that much because the problems these capabilities solved were so critical.

As the need for automation has moved beyond the core set of initial enterprise content management (ECM) processes, it's become clear that low-code and no-code applications are a priority for a host of knowledge workers who are not IT or BPM specialists.

This eBook focuses on answering these four key questions:

  1. Where are organizations in their “low-code journey?”

  2. How do organizations that are interested in low-code application platforms plan to integrate unstructured information and intelligent information management (IIM) capabilities into these platforms?

  3. What are the key business drivers for the interest in low-code application platforms?

  4. What kind of spending is planned for low-code platforms in 2019?

Download this ebook for a deeper look at each of these questions and benchmark your organization's efforts to implement low-code and no-code applications.

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