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AIIM Conference 2018 - Moving from Legacy ECM to IIM: you’ve got the power

Dan Abdul, VP Data Strategy & Commercial Implementation, United Health Group, Andrea Chiappe, Strategic Consultant, Broadridge Financial Group, Kashyap Kompella, CEO & Principal Analyst, rpa2ai, Facilitated by Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder & Principal Analyst, Deep Analysis

In an AI world, where deep learning completely shrinks the development time -- while amping up the computing power, do content management capabilities become irrelevant and obsolete? The answer is no.

AIIM Conference 2018 - Keynote: What's in a Name? Intelligent Information Management

Anna Wilson and Monty Powell, Award-Winning Nashville singers/songwriters

What’s in a Name? Very often, the first piece of information we have about something is its label. Upon hearing it, we tend to form judgements very quickly, and those judgements build up. So, that first bit of information is pretty important. Intelligent Information Management (IIM) is AIIM’s new label for a core set of information-driven capabilities that are necessary for achieving business transformation. What does that really mean, and how do we explain it, embrace it and evangelize it?

AIIM Conference 2018 - Keynote: Intelligent Information Management – Platinum Hit? Or Just Background Muzak?

John Mancini, CIP, Chief Evangelist, AIIM

In our opening session, we challenged our musical capabilities as we considered IIM and acknowledged that upon hearing a label, we tend to form judgments quickly, and those judgments build up. AIIM Chief Evangelist John Mancini promises NOT to sing, but he WILL review the latest AIIM market research about Digital Transformation and Intelligent Information Management.

AIIM On Air Podcast: AIIM18 Review

Episode 63 - Kevin Craine speaks with a variety of attendees at AIIM18 including keynote speaker Mike Walsh, Kathy Malloy Records and Information manager for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Hear Torey Hunt from Adlib Software, and Paula and Tony from ABBYY, as well as quick interviews with AIIM members attending the conference.

AIIM On Air Podcast: AIIM CIP Certification

Episode 62 - Kevin Craine speaks with three AIIM CIP recipients about their experience earning and using the certification. "CIP" stands for "Certified Information Professional" which covers a professionally designed body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in the digital economy. Listen to Andrew Pery from AGP marketing, Ed Steenhoek from Informed Consulting and Gerry Guilbeault from CIBC US all describe their efforts to study for and earn certification.

AIIM On Air Podcast: What is IMM? AIIM Training. and the AIIM Women in Information Management Community

Episode 61 - Kevin Craine speaks with AIIM Leadership Council member David Jones. Also interviews from AIIM18 with Susan Brown from McMillan Learning about AIIM Training, plus AIIM Women in Information Management Community member Heather Newman.

AIIM On Air Podcast: More from AIIM18 - Digital Transformation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Episode 60 - Kevin Craine talks with keynote speaker Mike Walsh about digital transformation in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Also in this episode are interviews with AIIM LC member Cengiz Satir, as well as Priscilla Emery, Chair of the AIIM Fellows, and new Fellow inductee Alan Weintraub.

AIIM On Air Podcast: Deep Analysis with Alan Pelz-Sharp

Special Podcast - Kevin Craine speaks with Alan Pelz-Sharp about his new training course for AIIM. Alan is the Founder and CEO of Deep Analysis and a past member of the AIIM board of directors. You’ve seen him in places like the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian and the BBC, CNBC and ABC. He's been with us before, most notably in August of 2017 when we talked about Artificial Intelligence and its emerging influence in the information management space.

AIIM On Air Podcast: Digital Preservation Strategies

Episode 59 - Kevin Craine speaks with AIIM18 keynote Bryce Austin about his book "Secure Enough?" and 20 questions on cybersecurity for business owners and executives. Businesses today are at a new turning point. Cybersecurity issues are making headlines around the world. Listen for important advice and perspective. Also on the show are brief interviews directly from AIIM18 in San Antonio with members Eren Thibadeau, Greg Reig, Ken Ryan and our own Bob Larrivee.

AIIM On Air Podcast: Digital Preservation Strategies

Episode 58 - Kevin Craine speaks with Mike Quinn about digital preservation strategies and technologies. Will your digital information archive be accessible and read-able in 100 years? Listen as Mike describes the difference between 'archive' and 'preservation' and aspects you must consider to ensure you can access, read and use information years from now regardless of changes and innovations in technology. Mike is the CEO of Preservica and a member of AIIM's Leadership Council.

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