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ECM and the Cloud: My Documents or Our Documents

Demand for flexible and secure collaborative workplaces that extend beyond enterprise walls is increasingly on the rise. Mobile workers, partners, and suppliers working together must have access to vital project centric documents. These same documents are and should always be considered corporate assets.  Find recommendations in this infographic.  

A Winning ECM Recipe: Simplicity On the Frontend – Sophistication On the Backend

White Paper

Setting up a simple-to-use yet robust and compliant ECM environment is paramount if organizations expect their employees to embrace the system and maximize the benefits that can be achieved with it. User adoption is essential to ensure business needs are met, compliance is maintained, and information management practices are carried out consistently across the department and enterprise.

Easing the Burden of Records Management: Automating Records Capture

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In this report we find out where the greatest benefits are gained through automating capture early on in the process, using categorization/classification technology to properly store the records, and apply the appropriate metadata.

Document Process Outsourcing: In-House, Onshore, Near Shore or Offshore?

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In this report, we have surveyed users and non-users of outsource services, charting their drivers against the competence/cost/convenience matrix, and explore how their own policies for staffing profiles, operational risk, and regulatory compliance affect their evaluation and choice of DPO services.

ECM and the Cloud: My Documents or Our Documents?

White Paper

This report will take the reader on a journey that addresses some of these questions and offers some insights and recommendations on how to move forward.

Content Management 2020: Thinking Beyond ECM


The forecast for 2020: ECM as we know it will be gone.  We pose these conclusions about the Content Management landscape in 2020 as we look back at content’s evolution.

Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint – Important Strategy Choices

Industry Watch

In this survey report, we take an in-depth look at deployment progress, distractions and issues, consolidation, integration, enhancement with add-on products, and future strategies for all-round information governance. We look at the threat from cloud collaboration systems, mobile clients and hybrid models.

Valuable Content or ROT: Who Decides?

White Paper

Based on a survey, we look at strategies to set an objective value on content, automate classification and ensure controlled deletion within the IG policy.

Are You Prepared for Digital Disruption?


We are living in an era of unparalleled innovation. It is more important than ever for organizations and individuals to keep up with and understand the trends or else find themselves miles behind.

Learn from AIIM's John Mancini about how to get prepared for digital transformation with a look at:

  • Enterprise IT
  • Records Management
  • Email
  • File Sync and Share
  • and more

IG Policy versus IG Reality – Bringing Your Wild Content Under Control

White Paper

Based on a survey, we look at how well data clean-up products work for automated application or correction of metadata within existing repositories against a set of policy-applied rules, and within a classification scheme set by the IG policy.

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