Virtual Event: Office 365 and SharePoint

Join us for a a free virtual event on March 1st, 2018 that will show you how to make Office 365 and SharePoint deliver value as an information management platform.

Office 365 and SharePoint – Improving How Information Is Captured, Processed, and Managed

As we realize the power of utilizing information as a company asset, the top priority becomes managing information overload. A quest for organizing content, making it findable, useable and protected has fueled the growing adoption of Microsoft Office365 and Azure as the platform to manage it all. But, just because we’re using it, doesn’t mean we’re using it well. That’s why we’re hosting a free virtual event to teach you how to make Office 365 and SharePoint deliver value as an information management platform. 

We’ve developed a series of sessions designed to help you learn about:
• How to get the most out of your platform
• Industry-proven best practices
• When and how to use 3rd party solutions to enhance SharePoint and Office365
• Case studies from early adopters of Office365 and SharePoint
• How to identify and address new user requirements and expectations

The live event will be Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 11 am - 3 pm EST (Eastern North American time).
Other North American time zones: 10 am - 2 pm CST; 9 am -1 pm MST; 8 am - 12 noon PST
In Europe, the event runs from 4 pm - 8 pm UK Time (GMT);  5 pm - 9 pm Central Europe Time.

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Our Agenda

Opening Keynote Session: 11:00 am - 11:15 am EST Connecting and Optimizing Office 365 – Reality or Fantasy?

AIIM's Chief Analyst Bob Larrivee will share the latest stats and research highlights from our recent report entitled, “Information Management: Connecting and Optimizing Office 365”. He'll offer his thoughts and perspectives on ensuring your optimization of Office 265 is rooted in reality and not fantasy.

11:17 am - 11:32 am EST Extend Your Enterprise Content Management / Content Services Strategy with Office 365

Microsoft® SharePoint® and Office 365 are widely used for enterprise-wide collaboration and communication in order to boost user productivity. However, enterprises need to integrate collaboration and content into ERP, CRM, and other critical business processes. OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® SharePoint® provides this integration, as well as a 360-degree view into structured and unstructured content.

11:34 am - 11:49 am EST Leave Your Old Problems Behind and Successfully Leverage Out-of-the-box Features in O365

After transitioning an organization of 5,000 plus users to O365, Dave has some lessons to share about what it takes to successfully make the transition to the cloud and even get your users excited about the move. If you think you've already got those bases covered but haven't actually made the full move yet, make sure you use his checklists so that you aren't surprised by anything at the eleventh hour.

11:51 am - 12:06 pm EST A White Glove Migration to Office 365 – As a Service
Cloud adoption is a fact. Also for content management. We see a growing number of organizations that have made the choice to move their content and content processes to SharePoint online. This road towards the cloud isn't always easy, and many challenges arise from migration requirements. Xillio has seen them all and created an as-a-service white glove approach to safely move your content into office 365 from any source. Or secret ingredients are adding value by selection only the valuable content, restructuring and enriching based on the requirements of the users. Another important aspect is reporting on all migrations steps to ensure compliancy. Basically you can sit back and relax and watch it all happen. Trusted and easy.
12:08 pm - 12:23 pm EST Information Architecture in Office 365

Learn about information architecture trends and new building blocks of SharePoint Online Intranets in Office 365. SharePoint end users wanted beautiful sites that are mobile responsive. Developers asked for simpler architecture that would minimize SharePoint groups permissions tangled into endless sub-sites of a site collection. Office 365 is Microsoft’s response to the ongoing customer feedback to deliver world-class scalable cloud solutions for small, medium, and large businesses.

12:25 pm - 12:40 pm EST Workflow and Content Automation for Office 365

Digital workflow and content automation for O365 replaces manual and paper-based processes by integrating tools, automating hand-offs and replacing other repetitive tasks. An emerging discipline tied to the larger trend of Digital Transformation, digital workflow and content automation (WCA) for O365 transforms business operations by replacing manual and paper-based processes with digital workflows, automated document generation, and real-time process analytics. It is a key step on the path to becoming a fully digital business.

12:42 pm - 12:57 pm EST Exploiting Office 365 for Case Management – The Eversheds Sutherland Success Story

Centering on global top 40 law firm Eversheds Sutherland's approach to exploiting Office 365 for matter management, we hear how the firm focused on its need to give each fee-earner the ability to access and share case documentation readily across locations. Fusing Outlook, case management and Office 365 Eversheds Sutherland has maximised fee earner time and transformed transparency by giving them access to their matters directly within Outlook, whether on- or offline, while enjoying rich email management, document management and search capabilities all directly within their familiar Outlook environment. Other example use cases of Office 365 for Case Management will be highlighted and cited.


Lunch Break

1:15 pm - 1:30 pm EST The City of Brampton Enhances Records Compliance and Content Governance

In this presentation, learn how Gimmal and Stoneshare collaborated to provide a records and information management platform for Canada’s ninth-most populous municipality that simplified administration, made compliance with local and federal mandates easier, and extended the value of information. With integrated email management and a simplified user experience, the City of Brampton can rest assured that vital municipal records and other content are managed, retained, and disposed of according to a predefined information lifecycle.

1:32 pm - 1:47 pm EST Engaging Users

Engaging users is one of the most difficult parts of any information management implementation.  It’s not about the technology, but there are things that the technology can do to help make the job of engaging your users easier.  We’ll look outside information technology to understand how people decide to adopt things and what we can do to encourage it.  Along the way we’ll learn what doesn’t work for motivation, and how to trick the users into the behaviors that you want.

1:49 pm - 2:04 pm EST Customer Insight: Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Email Requests with the No-code BPM Tool for Office 365

Join Dustin Ray, Business Process Analyst at McKinley Irvin as he shares insights into how this legal firm overcame slow paper-intensive processes and un-auditable email requests, with the no-code BPM tool for Office 365. Learn how Dustin quickly brought processes online such as employee onboarding and payment approval. Discover how McKinley Irvin’s adoption of a low code workflow tool has helped this firm realize impressive process efficiencies, freeing up the brain time of their legal staff, letting them focus on client needs, rather than time-consuming day-to-day tasks. Hear too how the firm is meeting important regulatory requirements, all while maximizing their existing Microsoft investments and advancing their digital transformation strategy with FlowForma BPM.

2:06 pm - 2:21 pm EST The Content Classification Conundrum – Practical Options for Tackling it with SharePoint

Let's take a high level look at how SharePoint can help to organize, filter, find, and present your content. There are a variety of ways to leverage SharePoint managed metadata capabilities and other features such as default folder metadata and document sets. With these tools you can meet specific needs and accommodate your organization’s information management and information consumption preferences.

2:23 pm - 2:38 pm EST How SharePoint and Office 365 Enables Delightful Document and Records Management

SharePoint is a great platform for document and records management. However, without the right approach and tools implemented as part of the solution, success can be difficult to attain. During the presentation, we will cover how our customers are adopting solutions that make working with the SharePoint document and records store intuitive while minimizing end user metadata capture fatigue. We’ll see how you can adapt SharePoint to the familiar environment of Microsoft Office, and even integrate it with your existing line of business systems. We’ll also touch on how SharePoint and Office 365 can enable work and collaboration no matter where you’re working from.

2:40 pm - 2:55 pm EST Microsoft Content Services – The Next Wave in Cloud ECM

SharePoint's always been a great home for managed content and teamwork. And in the cloud we bring unparalleled capacity and performance alongside security and productivity innovations. Learn how Microsoft Content Services in Office 365 provide simple powerful tools to empower creativity and teamwork with world-class management and governance. Create, manage, and deliver content at scale with Office 365.

Closing Comments from AIIM's Chief Analyst Bob Larrivee

Leading Experts Sharing their Knowledge

Join our leading industry gurus who will be sharing their knowledge, experience, and expertise during the live event. 

Office 365 and Sharepoint Resources

Take a look at the resources we've put together in one convenient location. Cases studies, white papers, webinars, and infographics - all there for you to download and be inspired by.

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