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Attend this free global virtual event on July 20th and learn how to develop a scalable information governance strategy that will carry you well into the future.

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Developing your Information Governance Strategy for the Modern World 

Join AIIM for a virtual event on developing a modern Information Governance strategy. You will hear from some of the foremost experts in Information Governance as they share their best tips and tricks. From AIIM’s latest research, you will gain an understanding of where businesses are currently focusing their efforts and funding. You will learn how to: make the business case for a governance and compliance framework; develop your Information Governance plan for next 5 years; automate governance and compliance components (Metadata, Security, RM, etc.) and properly collect, retain, and manage information.

A Sneak Peak at Our Agenda..

11:00am - 11:20am Keynote Session: Governance and Compliance in 2017: A Real World View
Speaker: Bob Larrivee

The number of large organizations citing risk as the largest driver for IM had risen sharply over the years. The increase in regulatory, legal, and industry operating requirements are causing businesses to expand their governance frameworks and increase the security and protection of corporate and customer information. Organizations in all industries are faced with increasing responsibility and accountability to ensure that their data assets are managed and shared in a sensible and secure manner.

This Keynote will explore how organizations are addressing their governance and compliance challenges by looking at:

  • The business case for a governance and compliance framework for security, privacy and protection
  • Automating governance and compliance components (Metadata, Security, etc.)
  • Identifying the locations of greatest risk for breaches -- internally and across the firewall
  • Collection, retention, management, and defensible destruction of information
  • A look ahead at the next 5 years to understand where businesses are focusing their efforts and funding
11:22am - 11:37am Practical Approach to Advancing IG

Speaker: Matthew McClelland

In this session you'll learn the simple repeatable process to put an Information Governance plan in place for the future. With real life examples, you'll learn how this was done in the healthcare industry. You'll learn how to understand your company’s business drivers, how to partner across organization and how to be reasonable yet tenacious in your pursuit of success.

11:38am - 11:53am 3 Key Strategies to Close the Cloud Governance Gap in your Organization
Speakers: Drew Phillips and Josh Rosenberg, Sr

Today people access content from all kinds of devices, across different locations, and share it both inside and outside of the organization. So how do you effectively protect it while meeting your compliance needs? Especially as your business is facing new regulations and evolving security threats.

You Will Learn:
  • How your organization can build and execute a cloud first infogov strategy that keeps its people productive.
  • Using SaaS technology to empower your users while effectively governing their content
  • How implementing the big 3 of IG (Retention, Defensible Discovery, and Security Classification) can reduce business risk
11:54am - 12:08pm InfoGov Case Study: HDR, Inc.'s InfoGov Strategy and Journey

Speaker: Richard Hogg

Hear the multi-year experience of a global architectural and construction company along their infogov journey, starting from nothing, towards making information governance and disposal a more normal course of business, reducing information costs, risks and promoting information value and re-use. With lessons learnt along the way...

12:09pm - 12:23pm Data Classification: The Most Powerful Tool for Understanding Your Data Estate
Speaker: David Scott

Data continues to grow at over 39% annually, yet most content has no value whatsoever. In an environment where there is increasing pressure to consolidate data centers, capture records electronically and respond to regulatory/investigation requests in a timely manner, it has become essential to understand your data and store it appropriately. Classification is essential as it helps shine a light on Dark Data exposing risk and value – providing you with the insight to take action.

You Will Learn:

  • Not all classification engines are created equal. Learn what separates good from great.
  • Classification is your most powerful tool when it comes to uncovering Personally Identifiable Information.
12:24pm - 12:39pm Information Governance at Pandora Media, Year 4: Segueing to Records Disposal

Speaker: Doug Meier (on behalf of Active Navigation)

Our Information Governance program, Year Four, and lessons learned....

  • Year one: discovering we know about our data, making KEF the common enemy, establishing realistic goals, enlisting true stakeholders, executive sponsorship.
  • Year two: overcoming resistance, showing results, validating record types, reducing # of storage repositories, knowing the data that matters most, records retention schedule
  • Year three: centrally maintained records retention schedule, establishing and enforcing email deletion policy, third party file scanning/analysis, records retention —> records disposition
  • Year four: To the cloud! automate retention disposition on cloud storage repositories, IT and Legal as trusted business partners, being opportunistic in demonstrating value
12:40pm - 12:42pm Chat with Bob Larrivee
Join Bob as he puts our attendees on the hot seat!
12:43pm - 12:53pm: Break

12:54pm - 1:09pm Cybersecurity and Information Governance
Speaker: Dr. Mansur Hasib

Cybersecurity is just as misunderstood as Information Governance. Dr. Hasib explains why Cybersecurity is people powered perpetual innovation. Information governance is a key aspect of cybersecurity. In this session Dr. Hasib explains the evolution of cybersecurity models from 1991 till today and provides a holistic definition of cybersecurity. He explains the role of business mission, risk, and information governance within this model. Once you embrace this model, you will realize that cybersecurity and information governance is a powerful culture to propel modern organizations towards perennial success.

You Will Learn:

  • What is the relationship between cybersecurity and Information Governance?
  • How Cybersecurity and Information Governance are intimately related
  • How governance should facilitate leadership and innovation by people
1:10pm - 1:25pm If Blockchain and AI You Do Then Govern You Must

Speaker: Andrea Chiappe

These are no longer Star Wars pipe dreams; rather these technologies are here and now. As we introduce innovative technologies into our business ecosystems, what impacts should we consider in both our information governance and our information management strategies?

You'll learn:

  • A silver bullet new technologies are not, emerging governance they require.
  • A life of its own AI has, the quality of the data a must.
  • The governance power of Blockchain you question, answers you shall uncover.
1:26pm - 1:41pm Lean Governance – 3 Tips to Solving Mobile & Email Chaos

Speaker: Bruce Herzer

Information governance can be hard, but there’s hope!

Most organizations suffer from scattered information, hindering worker performance while creating exposure to legal and regulatory risks. Enterprise files are shared by email. Content and email are managed in disjointed systems. Corporate information is stored on employee-owned mobile devices.

In this session, you’ll discover 3 tips for turning chaos into order. Discover a “lean” approach to expedite your success to a governed digital workplace while boosting worker productivity.

1:42pm - 1:57pm 4 Essential Capabilities for a Successful Digital Workplace and Information Governance Strategy

Speaker: Brad Teed

A digital workplace strategy aims to eliminate the information silos filled with outdated and irrelevant content across intranets, portals, team sites, shared drives, enterprise file sync and share platforms and legacy document management systems. Many organizations look to SharePoint and Office 365 to help them solve this challenge, but not everything they need is delivered as out of the box capabilities. Join Gimmal as we explore the key technology enablers you need to ensure your organization’s digital workplace is highly productive.

1:58pm - 2:13pm Developing Our 5 Year IG Plan/Strategy

Speaker: John Daly

Picture yourself as the new IG Manager of an organization, people are looking to you to bring knowledge and expertise and they want a plan. You looked good on paper and talked a good game during the interview…now it’s time to deliver. Benjamin Franklin is right “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This presentation is in real time because yours truly is that IG manager.

Information Governance Gurus

Join our IG experts who will be sharing their knowledge during the live event. Get your questions ready!


Drew Phillips, IT Director, Amteck


David Scott, Manager Cloud & Enterprise Data Management, Veritas

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Information Governance Resources

Take a look at our information governance resources we've put together in one convenient location. Cases studies, white papers, webinars and infographics - all there for you to download and be inspired by.

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