Need to Improve Your Solution Selling?

AIIM has researched what it takes for customers to buy new solutions. Learn how to identify and engage business and IT leaders for selling solutions.

Sales Transformation

B2B technology buyers benefit from cloud, mobile, social media,
and consumerization, but many sales staff still work like it is 1966.

AIIM has researched what it takes for customers to buy new solutions.
Learn how to identify and engage business and IT leaders for selling solutions.

ECM Sales Enablement Training

Train Staff in How to Sell Solutions to Business Leaders

The growth in IT spending is coming from the business buying IT, not IT staff buying IT. 75% of business leaders want to meet with sales staff that can provide them with new business insights. They want to learn about the business benefits, not the technology. What stops sales staff from meeting their sales targets, according to AIIM research, is the 1) Inability to identify and qualify new prospects (24%); and 2) Inability to establish a business case for change (36%). It’s NOT about having too many products to know (7%) or poor sales skills (5%).

AIIM has researched best practices for selling solutions among 250+ solution providers. We also asked 300+ technology buyers about their priorities and preferences. All this is now part of our newly updated 2-day How to Sell Capture/ECM/BPM class. Learn how to identify and engage business leaders for selling solutions. Former and current training customers include Alfresco, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Hyland Software, Konica Minolta, Oracle, and Spigraph. For more information contact Atle Skjekkeland.
AIIM Research

Identify New Business Opportunities

AIIM has, for years, analyzed information-related problems and opportunities among our 193,000 community members. Below are some of our latest findings:

Accounts Payable – Only 34% of US companies have digitized and automated invoice processing. 38% process invoices as paper, and the average processing cost is $31-40 per invoice. Automating this can reduce it to $2-3 per invoice.

Employee File Management – 62% of US companies manage employee files as paper. The most important requirements for digitizing this are 1) electronic signatures or audit trail to document review and approval process, 2) highly secure with robust access control, and 3) ability to fully automate standard processes while establishing process for handling exceptions.

Procurement & Purchasing – Only 36% of US companies have digitized and automating procurement and purchasing. 31% process most documents as paper documents, it then takes in average 11-20 days raise a purchase order, which cost them in $31-40 per order.

Paper Storage – Organizations use in average 13.5% of their office space to store paper (filing cabinets, bookshelves, paper trays, etc). This is down from 15.3% in 2011.

Use AIIM to get market research identifying market opportunities and value propositions. For more information contact Atle Skjekkeland.
ECM Sales Enablement Training

Get Help to Grow Your Solution Business

68% of AIIM solution providers claim cloud and consumerization is changing the buying phases from plan-buy-implement to try-buy-scale. This is already the adoption model for new solutions like Slack, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. IBM is now using this model for selling IBM Watson.

40% buy ECM to replace paper, and 40% buy it to replace a legacy solution. The decision to do this is made by business leaders, while IT staff are often tasked with procuring or implementing the new solution. Business leaders want a solution, not a project. It needs to be simple and smart, and the word “custom” scares them away. The average deal size is now US$ 50-99k, but we expect this to continue to drop due to the appification of the ECM and BPM market.

Leading solution providers offer qualified prospects a 1-2 day business assessment to analyse an opportunity and get insights to establish a business case for change. 72% of AIIM solution providers think this shortens the sales cycle. First sell the value of a meeting, then sell the value of an assessment, and then use the assessment findings to sell the value of a new solution.

Contact us to get help establishing an effective strategy and structure for selling solutions. We have from 250+ IT solution providers identified how to best manage sales staff, shorten the sales cycle, make it easy for customer to buy, and how to shorten the implication cycle. For more information contact Atle Skjekkeland.

Solution Performance Accelerator

How well is your company meeting its sales goals for solutions?

We are seeing a massive change in how organizations identify, procure, and implement solutions. 
The adoption model is changing from plan-design-implement to try-buy-scale. Check out
this eBook for research and information about how you can accelerate your solutions sales.

One of the best training sessions I have attended in a long time. Useful and powerful information, critical to what we are trying to accomplish.

— Hugo Palacios, Director, ECM, Konica Minolta

AIIM has the community reach, interaction with vendors and ability to ask the questions that matter, which has allowed us to understand how content will be deployed, who will be responsible and how does it apply to critical business processes in the enterprise.

— John Newton, Chairman and CTO, Alfresco

It was a great concept of combining the sales strategy with the business cases and involve the participants in active understanding of the solutions used. Great training.

— Dirk Devogelaere, Country Manager MedNA & BeNeLux, PFU (EMEA) Limited

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