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Help AIIM Beta Test the Newest Version of the CIP Exam

At AIIM, we've been talking about how rapidly our industry is changing a lot in recent years. Our roles as information professionals are changing and we have lots of new technologies, like AI and Robotic Process Automation, finding their way into our toolboxes.

In order to remain a relevant certification, the CIP exam needs to reflect these changes we're experiencing and we need your help.

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The CIP beta exam is available at the greatly reduced price of $149.

Kryterion serves as our approved CIP examination proctor. The exam is available online and at Kryterion testing locations around the world. The exam fee is $149 USD.

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Need Help Preparing for the Exam?

Download the CIP beta exam blueprint.

The CIP exam was designed to demonstrate the expertise and experience one might acquire over a long career in the Intelligent Information Management Industry. Some have passed the exam with little preparation. Others need a little help.

The CIP beta exam blueprint will help you gain an understanding of what is on the test and where to focus your preparation.

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