Emerging Technologies: Blockchain

Learn real-world use cases for Blockchain and where it can fit into your information management strategy.

Emerging Technologies: Blockchain

Our profession is at a critical juncture as long-established methods and systems for managing information are giving way to newer and more advanced technologies. Many struggle to understand what these technologies are, how they actually work, and how they should or shouldn't be used in their organizations. There's no shame at all in that confusion. The world of information technology is full of great promises, often bundled up in quite a bit of hype.

This introduction to Blockchain cuts through the hype and provides you with fact-based analysis, insight, and advice that you can take and use immediately in your workplace. You will learn real-world use cases for Blockchain and gain an understanding of where it can fit into your information management strategy.

This course explores:

  • The core concepts that underpin Blockchain
  • How Blockchain actually works and what it does
  • The strengths and weaknesses of Blockchain technology
  • Why Blockchain is important to the future of information management

This course is approved for 1 hour of CIP maintenance credit.

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This training program is one of the key success factors in a BPM project - when all stakeholders have a common understanding and vision of the capabilities.

— Phillippe Pierre, Lead Partner, PwC

AIIM is a welcoming education grouping of the best information specialists in the world; glad to be a part of such an organization. The knowledge I have gained has been applicable, current and relevant.

— Tammy MacKenzie, Document Manager, Aecon Group Inc

AIIM training has helped me understand what direction my agency should be going and what needs to get done.

— Sara Frey, Records Specialist, Western Area Power Administration

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