Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Learn best practices and technologies for managing content across the enterprise.

ECM Specialist or Master -- Which is right for me?

We can help with that! If you are new-ish to the industry and, for now, just need the nuts and bolts of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - then you should take the ECM Specialist deep dive. Nuts and bolts include collaboration, capturing and creating content, automating documetn-centric processes, ensuring security, and more.

But if your work experience is a bit more robust, then we invite you to consider the online ECM Master course. This course covers the ECM Specialist content and adds Implementation (strategy development, business/tech assessments, business case, information governance, etc.) as well as a case study assignment.

Need more course details to help guide you? Review our data sheet, which further breaks down the topics covered in the online Specialist and Master courses. Or feel free to reach out to us directly at training@aiim.org.

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