Taxonomy and Metadata

Learn how to develop and optimize taxonomies and metadata models for improving information navigation, findability, and discovery.

Taxonomy and Metadata

As organizations get buried in terabytes or even petabytes of content and records, it is essential to apply structures - taxonomies - to find the crucial information within their holdings, bypassing the “chaff” to extract maximum value from their information assets.

Applying taxonomies to content and records contributes to organizational efficiency and compliance in three powerful ways: navigation, findability, and control. An effective taxonomy can help users find information more efficiently in support of operational processes as well as in response to legal or regulatory requirements – and a lack of effective taxonomy or metadata will frustrate those efforts.

Our Taxonomy and Metadata course is founded on these considerations and best practices to provide you with a systematic approach for designing an effective taxonomy and test plan. The information is applicable across all industries and is independent of any particular technology or vendor solution.

Our Taxonomy and Metadata course will help you:

  • Create a taxonomy structure and usability model
  • Determine whether to build or buy a taxonomy
  • Understand the major design principles for a taxonomy and develop a test plan
  • Conduct a facet and metadata analysis for a taxonomy project
  • Develop a metadata collection strategy
  • Scope a taxonomy project and develop a business case

After passing an online exam, you will earn the AIIM Taxonomy and Metadata Specialist designation.

This course is approved for 4 hours of CIP maintenance credits.

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— Tammy MacKenzie, Document Manager, Aecon Group Inc

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— Jodie Lyons Jackson, Records Management, Sturgeon County

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— Sara Frey, Records Specialist, Western Area Power Administration

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