Why AIIM Training?

Simply put, we offer training in a variety of topics relevant to the Information Professional. Training that's available in the office, at home or on-the-go.
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Emerging Technologies: The Cloud

This training course on The Cloud will provide you with a thorough understanding of what Cloud Computing is and where it can fit into your information management strategy.

Information Governance

Applying a paper paradigm to governance and compliance no longer works -- and it certainly doesn’t scale. Governance functions must now be automated and focus as much on defensible disposition as on retention, and as much on data extraction as data archiving.

Modern Records Management

The modern records manager is not an information steward but a business enabler. Learn the skills required for a records manager to play a critical role in accelerating business activities, enriching customer experiences, and improving operational agility. This training course will teach you how to capture records efficiently regardless of format, automate common records management risks, support privacy and eDiscovery requirements, implement a digital recordkeeping system, and more.

Taxonomy and Metadata

As organizations get buried in terabytes or even petabytes of content and records, it is essential to apply structures - taxonomies - to find the crucial information within their holdings, bypassing the “chaff” to extract maximum value from their information assets.

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