Systems of Engagement and the Future of Enterprise IT: A Sea Change in Enterprise IT

In the Age of Facebook, organizations must redefine how they think about information management, control, and governance in order to deal with social technologies. In this AIIM White Paper, Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and Managing Director, TCG Advisors, examines the fundamental revolution underway in enterprise IT brought about by ubiquitous Internet access, the proliferation of powerful mobile computing devices, and the consumerization of IT.

This report compares and contrasts existing Systems of Record – those tools, repositories, and systems upon which organizations have built their business processes for the last several decades – with Systems of Engagement. These tools overlay and complement organizations deep investments in systems of record by providing Web-based access, usability across a variety of hardware and software platforms, and cross-organizational collaboration.

In the report, Moore addresses these important questions:

  • How will the core value chains within our organizations - innovating, designing, procuring, marketing, selling, servicing, and governing - be impacted by social business systems?
  • What are the issues facing end users who wish to better leverage their information management systems to:
    1. improve operating flexibility, and
    2. better engage with customers?
  • What is the path forward for implementing, sustaining, and managing social technologies effectively and responsibly?

For the last three years AIIM has analyzed how our 65,000 community members are using social software. Based on those results and the work with Geoffrey Moore and the task force, we have developed a social business roadmap to provide you with a framework for implementing social technologies with the appropriate strategy, functionality, governance, and change management. Schedule a briefing now to learn how your organization can improve its business operations with the help of social technologies.

The new AIIM Social Business roadmap provides you with a strategy and path forward for engaging customers and staff.

  • Determine the social business strategy and goals
  • Identify and implement applicable tools and services
  • Develop framework for responsible use of social business tools
  • Get users to use the tools
  • Identify how to measure success

Hear Mr. Moore present "The Future of Content Management: A Social Business Revolution" - an AIIM Webinar delivered on December 14, 2010.

Download the "Future History of ECM" presentation

The Task Force Members were:

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