AIIM’s Paper Free Day – November 6, 2014

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NOVEMBER 6, 2014

Check back soon for 3 very purposeful and practical things you can do on this and every day to reduce the amount of paper in your everyday work and personal life. AIIM research looks at how less paper in the workplace delivers significant benefits in efficiency, worker collaboration, and customer satisfaction. Plus, less paper means a more responsible carbon footprint on our precious planet. 

Papersucks Contest -- Winner Announced!

Last year, we announced a contest. The objective -- provide one idea for removing paper from business processes. The winner, who has received access to AIIM's Business Process training course:

How about “#paperordigital?” (word play on the ol’ “paper or plastic” grocery store choice). The practical idea: ask all retailers to donate one cent to a “green” fund for every instance where a receipt is not printed or delivered electronically. from Adrian Ungureanu

And the three runners up:
1. Rather than printing and scanning, IMPORT into your document imaging system whenever possible – images will be cleaner/clearer and you won’t waste paper and you will save some trees which doesn’t suck. from Barbara Redline     

2. The management (from top level down) stop accepting (reading, commenting, *signing*, etc.) documents on paper (and other physical media).  from Alexander Samarin

3. Remove the paper and hang a sign on each printer in your building. On Printer 1, the sign says: OUT OF ORDER. Please use Printer 2. On Printer 2, the sign says: OUT OF ORDER. Please use Printer 3. On Printer 3, the sign says: OUT OF ORDER. Please use Printer 1. from Johnnie Walker