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Carl Weise

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Program Manager for AIIM


I have over twenty-five years of senior records management and project management experience in the financial, IT, manufacturing, electric power, legal and government environments in both Canada and the United States. I have worked for a records management software provider and worked as a Principal Consultant in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). I am currently providing electronic records management (ERM), enterprise content management (ECM), and email management (EMM) courses throughout North America and other countries. I have influenced over 900 students. I am aware of what is happening with records and information management in organizations across North America. I am a Certified Records Manager (CRM), an erm master, ecm master and emm master from AIIM and have given presentations at AIIM and ARMA chapter meetings and annual conferences. I have developed and taught community college level records management courses and have given many seminars on records management, electronic records management, e-discovery, compliance, risk management and enterprise content management in cities across the United States and Canada. I have written articles on records management which have been published. My article on Records Management and ISO 9000 was translated and published in Japan. I have contributed over 15 years of volunteer effort holding the following positions: Vice-President, Examination Administration, Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM), ARMA Conference Program Committee Member, ARMA Conference Program Manager, and Chapter President of Pittsburgh ARMA Chapter.

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