Bill Galusha

Bill Galusha

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Principal Product Marketing Manager for EMC Corporation


For the past 20 years, I've held positions in product management, marketing, and sales, managing software solutions that include document capture, eForms, and business process management. I'm currently a principal product marketing manager in the EMC Information Intelligence Group, covering the Captiva intelligent enterprise capture products and solutions. I regularly speak at user groups and industry conferences, and I’ve published several white papers and articles. I also maintain a blog called InformationCrunch where I write about the latest data and trends in digitizing, processing, and managing information -

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

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The Twelve Days of Capture

In keeping with the holiday spirit, here's a little parody to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that I'm calling "The Twelve Days of Capture".  Here it goes... On the first day of capture, my sol... read more

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Microsoft SharePoint has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years, and has served as a powerful catalyst for the benefits of enterprise content management (ECM), which include not just man... read more

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