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Angela Ashenden

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Principal Analyst, Collaboration for MWD Advisors


I am a Principal Analyst at UK-based research and advisory firm MWD Advisors, where I run our Collaboration research program. While collaboration is a broad and nebulous topic, my research focus is specifically on the emerging and fast-growing area of social collaboration - the use of social tools and technology to support and enable collaborative activity, be that inside an organisation, or outside, through collaboration with partners and customers. In my research, I speak to many different organisations to understand what works, what doesn't, and to identify the best practices that I can share with others in organisations that may just be starting out on their journey, or who perhaps need to rethink their approach. As well as blogging (both on AIIM and on the MWD blog), I write various reports on this topic, from vendor-focused reports to strategy reports to case studies, which you can find out more about at Here you can also try out our Collaboration benchmarking tool, which will help you see what you are doing right to have the best chance of successfully creating a collaborative organisation, and where you still need to invest effort. At MWD we also provide various consulting and advisory services, so if you'd like help with your own social collaboration initiative, please get in touch.

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