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Oscar Berg

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Senior consultant within Enterprise Collaboration at Avega Group. Helping organizations understand and make smart use of new communication and collaboration technologies in order to improve knowledge worker productivity and efficiency, organizational responsiveness and agility, and innovation.

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Making Virtual Collaboration The Norm

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I often argue that in order to realize the benefits of the virtual organization, such as reduced travel costs, flexibility in resource allocation and rapid access to expertise to wherever it might ... read more

No Business Case for Social Business

If a business can check all or most of the items on the checklist below, then there is probably no business case for social business. It can carry on with business as usual. The lifespan of... read more

How to Enable Co-creation

Just a few thoughts on co-creation.   The act of creating something together with others is something that builds community, culture (shared attitudes and behaviors within the community) an... read more

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