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John Brunswick is an Enterprise 2.0 Solution Consultant at Oracle Corporation, specializing in enterprise portal and content management solutions. Passionate about both business and technology, John focuses on maximizing IT's ability to streamline and optimize business. He has helped many Fortune 500 organizations develop end-to-end Web solutions, and he is a frequent contributor to the larger enterprise software business community. Prior to his work at Oracle John was a Consulting Practice Manager within BEA System's Business Interaction Division Professional Services Group, managing their Enterprise Portal practice in New England and Canada. Brunswick served as an affiliate at Harvard University's Berkman Center in 2009, focusing on educational Web strategies. He has authored a series of articles about optimal business involvement in portal, business process management, and SOA development at Infotechaligned and Oracle's Fusion ECM Blog. In 2006, he developed ServiceMountain, a commercial software package to help manage small service businesses, which was acquired by a medium-sized software vendor.  Additionally, he actively leads the Boston Computing Review user group, which he founded in 2005 to educate members about emerging technologies and industry trends.

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