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Dan Elam, Chief Operating Officer for RSC Solutions. With nearly 25 years of IT experience, Dan is one of the nation's leading consultants for document management. He has personally participated in more than $4B of procurements and has worked on some of the largest system implementations in the world. He is a frequent author and speaker on the topics of integration and implementation of document management technologies. He is the developer of a specialized methodology for unbiased imaging needs analysis and re-engineering, the author of Content Management: Case Studies and Trends, and was an Editorial Assistant for Imaging Technology Report, a Contributing Editor to Government Imaging, and the founder of Contemplor. He formerly represented the United States as the imaging Expert to ISO and is the past chair of the OCR Standards committee. He is a member of AIIM's Emerging Technologies Group (EmTag) and has been awarded both a Fellow and Distinguished Service Award for his industry work by AIIM. The views in this blog are his own and not those of his employer or business partners.

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