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Bud Porter-Roth

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Principal Consultant for Porter-Roth Associates



Mr. Porter-Roth has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, with a focus on electronic document management, records management, and document conversion projects. Mr. Porter-Roth participates directly in each engagement providing a hands-on approach to the business process analysis, interviewing users, and writing a final report and presentation. He has also been engaged to provide high-level reviews of installed document management systems for senior management. Prior to being an independent consultant, Mr. Porter-Roth held various positions at TRW Financial Systems, Plexus Computers, Tandem Computers, and Ford Aerospace. Areas of specific expertise include project definition, business process definition, requirements analysis, opportunity cost/benefit analysis, RFP development and technology/vendor evaluation, and project quality assurance.  Mr. Porter-Roth has a broad based knowledge of government and commercial industry having participated in major projects for the IRS, California State government, local county and city governments, and commercial businesses in the financial sector, retail industry, petroleum industry, and others. Mr. Porter-Roth is the author of the following books: Document Conversion Project Guidelines. Amazon E-Doc 2006 Request for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development Addison-Wesley (December 2001) Writing Killer Sales Proposals: Win the Bid and Close the Deal Entrepreneur Press (Spring 2004)

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