What's the best way to find Business Process Analysts and Business Systems Analysts by ,

Hi, I am not sure if this is appropriate for this discussion forum or not, but I figured I'd put it out there. I have been working in the ECM/BPM space for 5 years. I manage a team of bu... read more

Gordon MacDonald by ,

I'm in volved in the finance sector of a large enterprise and a colleague is looking into a project involving XBRL and would be interested in feedback from the wider community out there.  For ex... read more

Cost Model for calculating the cost of migrating existing data from a DB or File Share into SP? by ,


I am trying to build an estimation model to give our client an idea of how much it might cost to have our company migrate all their existing content into SharePoint.  Has anyone had to estimate ... read more

Communicating to Mgt the need for analysis/design/planning before implementing ECM SharePoint by ,


I am a mid-level IT manager at a gov't entity (1800 employees). I am tasked with developing an ECM strategy utilizing SharePoint (SP).  I have completed the AIIM SP Practitioner Course and midwa... read more

World Paper Free Day 27th Oct 2011 by ,

What are AIIM members doing about promoting it within their community? Would like some ideas please read more

Solving the ownership dilemma by ,

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My organisation uses an in-house tool for document management. Additionally, it serves as a storage backend for another system based on communities of practice. So users belonging to a community... read more

Who out there has successfully deployed or implemented an ECM solution based on SharePoint 2010? by ,

With SharePoint continuing to grow as a leader in the ECM space, I would welcome the chance to learn more about your SharePoint ECM solution.  Specifically, it would be great to better understan... read more

Enterprise Search Server and a Backbone ECM/DCM system.. by ,

Dear experts... I have  (some would say) a newcommer question.. A possible customer asked me yesterday - can you explain why we need a ECM system, when we are about to implement a enterp... read more

CMS in Mobility by ,

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1. How are CMS's used during Mobile application development? 2. How can one leverage an ECM ( Documentum, Filenet, Fatwire etc ) while developing a Mobile application across all platforms? read more

SAP KM Portal Customization by ,

Hi, Do you know anyone proficient in customising workflows in SAP KM Portal (WebDynPro and XML), so that OOTB functionality is enhanced to suit an engineering drawing and spec reviews? If so, pl... read more