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Capturing Social Media by ,


I have been listening to many people talk about the importance of managing all your information including the information over social networks.  Make sure policies are in place, staff is trained... read more

Are RFPs Wired? by ,

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Do you think that most RFPs that come out are wired for a vendor (and you would have a chance of winning...)? read more

What are your criteria for choosing an ECM system? by ,


When you select an enterprise content management product, what do you look for? Is ease of use for your end users important? Integration with standards such as CMIS (or DOD 5015 if the solution ... read more

Admissibility of scanned documents having a seal by ,

I understand the highlight of legal admissibility of scanned documents in general. Does this change when a paper original has a seal (from a notary, etc), either embossed or 'wet'? I don't e... read more

The Inevitable Adoption of Sharepoint by ,

Hey folks!  Currently I'm working on a research project in ECM, primarily focused on the effects of SharePoint's emergence in the industry.  The enterprise content management industry is fairly ... read more

Image as the Source Document - Insurance Industry by ,


Hello everyone! Is anyone in the insurance industry using the image as the official record? If so, what controls have you put in place to ensure the integrity of the image? What challenges h... read more

xCP and EMC`s big Case Management Gamble by ,

EMC is taking Documentum in the direction of Case Management.  Case Management is the next logical step, imho, for records / content / document management  since it reflects the application of d... read more

Best Practices Migration Plan Question by ,

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I'm a project/program manager appointed to manage for a large international organization several intranet migration projects (for the different entities of the organisation). The target platform is... read more

Choosing the Right ECM Solution by ,


Sometimes, we are asked to anonymously post questions for people. Here's an interesting one: Anybody knows of any articles, blog posts or toolkits addressing what's important for choosing th... read more

Social Amnesia - What if you lost your Social Identity? by ,

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I'm starting to get paranoid, and so should you! Have you really thought of the risks? Read... Social Amnesia - What's your social identity worth to you? I would love to hear this group'... read more