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Errin O'Connor

Deep-Dive of SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Proven Development Strategies by Errin O'Connor Founder & CEO for EPC

A Deep-Dive of SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Proven Development Strategies     This blog post will cover the latest tools and technologies for performing custom development onSharePoi... read more

Errin O'Connor

Core Records Management Features in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 by Errin O'Connor Founder & CEO for EPC

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In the article, I will provide details of the records management (RM) capabilities available within SharePoint Server 2013 as well as Office 365 | SharePoint Online from over 50 projects impleme... read more

Felicia Dillard

Meet the AIIM Team- Maureen Hearn by Felicia Dillard Chief Financial Officer for AIIM

Behind the AIIM logo is a group of passionate and dedicated professionals focused on serving our wonderful community of information professionals. Together, we are AIIM! This week we mee... read more

Errin O'Connor

SharePoint 2013 BYOD Best Practices by Errin O'Connor Founder & CEO for EPC

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Introduction (BYOD | MDM) Remote workers and internal or onsite workers empowered with “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies can push the boundaries of IT and the typical IT-driven culture... read more

Bryant Duhon

The Future of Information Governance Through the Looking Glass, an AIIM 2014 presentation by Bryant Duhon Editor/Community Manager for AIIM

Missed AIIM 2014? Or did you just miss out on a session or three you wanted to see? In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing many of the presentations with you. Actionable advice and thought leadershi... read more

Bob Larrivee

Times have changed- problems remain by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

Here we are in July of 2014 and after spending some time on the road, I realize that while technology has moved forward, the fundamental issues voiced by businesses today, reflect the same issue... read more

Christian Buckley

Social Should Be Able To Demonstrate Business Value by Christian Buckley Managing Director, Americas for GTconsult


In the never-ending search for improving customer adoption and engagement -- which social promises, and I do believe can deliver -- the difficulty for most (if not all) organizations is demonstr... read more

Lisa Ricciuti

The World's (second) Oldest Profession by Lisa Ricciuti Information Management Consultant for Smart Info Management Services

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Every time I hear the phrase “the world’s oldest profession,” I have to remind myself that it’s not referring to recordkeeping.  Although maybe it should because how would we know about the worl... read more

Errin O'Connor

Deep-Dive of Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365 by Errin O'Connor Founder & CEO for EPC

Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365   Microsoft Office 365’s Power BI contains a collection of features and services that enables organization to visualize data and share these discoveri... read more

Don Lueders, CRM, CDIA

Records Management Post-DoD 5015: 9 Looming Shifts by Don Lueders, CRM, CDIA Owner for HarborPoint Information Management


A little over a year ago, I posted an article on the AIIM Community explaining why I no longer supported the DoD 5015.2 Electronic Records Management Standard. The article generated a great deal... read more