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Larry Kluger

Digital Signatures are forever? by Larry Kluger Sr. Market Manager, Integrations & Developers for CoSign by ARX, Inc.


Digital Signatures are forever? My goal in this blog series is to cover a wide range of topics and issues relating to digital signatures. Let's get started with a hot question that comes up ... read more

James Lappin

The Ontario e-mail deletion scandal (part 6) - the retention schedule by James Lappin for Thinking Records

The story so far:  Craig MacLennan was Chief of Staff to Ontario's Minister of Energy between January 2010 and August 2012.   0n 10 April 2013 Peter Tabuns wrote to Ontario's Information and Pri... read more

Christian Buckley

Going Mobile….With My Laptop? by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Metalogix

I remember it quite clearly -- it was early 1996, and a new role with an IT shared services team that would have me moving between customer teams and also between floors of the massive Pacific B... read more

Gregory Bartels

Does India Really Know More About Business Process Outsourcing Than We Do? by Gregory Bartels President for IPS

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Business process outsourcing in India is a $20 billion industry that is forecast to grow 12-15% over the next year.  The Indian share of global BPO outsourcing is estimated at 37%.  That’s more ... read more

Bob Larrivee

The Drone of Drones by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

As many of you know, I am a true techie at heart and I get excited about new technology and technology use. This week, I was energized by the announcement that Amazon is exploring the possibilit... read more

Bryant Duhon

Member of the Week Natalie Haines: AIIM14, The Beach Boys, and Managing Records by Bryant Duhon Editor/Community Manager for AIIM

Natalie Haines winner of a pass to AIIM 2014 Natalie is a Document and Records Analyst at TransCanada. She has been a professional member of AIIM since 2012. In that short time, she has dedica... read more

Chris Walker

Book of PHIGs is Dead by Chris Walker Analyst for Digital Clarity Group

Some of you may be shocked, but I’ve decided to kill the Book of PHIGs. “Why?” you may ask. Even if you don’t, I’ll answer. My plan was to make the book available electronically via iTunes, ... read more

Lisa Ricciuti

Are Tweets published? by Lisa Ricciuti Information Management Consultant for Smart Info Management Services


As more of us start using social media applications to communicate in both our personal and professional lives, I’m constantly wondering about the implications this has on my profession.  Are Tw... read more

Bob Larrivee

In Search Of by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

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Anyone remember that TV Show? In Search Of? It was a show that ran from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s, hosted by Leonard Nimoy, and focused on the investigation into mysterious phenomena. Som... read more

James Lappin

The Ontario e-mail deletion scandal (part 5): the backup tapes by James Lappin for Thinking Records


The story so far:   A member of the Ontarian Parliament has alleged that Craig MacLennan had broken Ontario's Archives and Recordkeeping Act by deleting e-mails relating to two controversial gas... read more