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Bernard Chester

New Blogger Begins by Bernard Chester Technical Lead for Keste LLC

Introduction I was introduced to ECM in July 1989 when I joined Saros Corporation.  Shortly after I began to deal with image-based applications. Since then I have been an ECM implementor, co... read more

Angela Ashenden

Fanning the fire: using evangelists to fuel your adoption strategy by Angela Ashenden Principal Analyst, Collaboration for MWD Advisors

I've blogged before about the need to take a structured, organised approach to driving adoption of social collaboration technologies and practices, rather than relying on a viral adoption strate... read more

James Lappin

The Ontario E-Mail Deletion Scandal (Part 4) – The RAID Server by James Lappin for Thinking Records

The story so far:   In the Guelph data centre, home to the Ontario Government’s e-mail system,  the Information and Privacy Commissioner is investigating whether or not it is possible to sal... read more

Christian Buckley

The Layers Behind the Move to the Cloud by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Metalogix

One of the statements that stands out from my early years as a technical project manager working at Pacific Bell (Pacific Telesis Shared Services, to be exact) came from one of the business inte... read more

Lisa Ricciuti

Are we ready for paperless? by Lisa Ricciuti Information Management Consultant for Smart Info Management Services

I’m currently taking a course at a local university.  The textbook was offered in both print and electronic formats.  I was unable to get the electronic version due to compatibility issues with ... read more

Jeff Shuey

RM’s that know SharePoint can have jobs for Life by Jeff Shuey Director of Strategic Alliances for Gimmal

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  Today I spoke on a panel at the Seattle ARMA chapter. The topic was SharePoint and Records Management. I have a simple recommendation for Records Managers everywhere --- L... read more

Matthew Bretzius

Protecting Your Legacy Data in the Great Migration to the Cloud by Matthew Bretzius Public Relations Manager for AvePoint, Inc.

This is a guest post by Dana Simberkoff, Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance, AvePoint. For most organizations worldwide, it’s no longer a matter of “if” they will move to the cloud... read more

Richard Medina

15 Articles on the Controversies of Capture by Richard Medina Co-Founder and Principal Consultant for Doculabs Inc.

I spoke at the Controversies of Capture event at IBM Information On Demand. Here are a number of articles that go into much greater detail about the topics and controversies we discussed.    ... read more

Daniel Antion

SharePoint Short and Sweet by Daniel Antion Vice President of Information Services for American Nuclear Insurers

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One of the things that I love about not being a consultant (I used to be one) is that I can talk about failure. Some consultants talk about failure, but most will point out the ways the previous... read more

Chris Walker

I Think I Can – Valuing Information Pt 2 by Chris Walker Analyst for Digital Clarity Group


Some weeks ago (2013-10-7 to be exact) I posted this about trying to assign value to information. Thanks to the discussions the post generated on Linkedin and on this blog I realised I was appro... read more