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Carl Weise

Business Analysis for a Taxonomy by Carl Weise Program Manager for AIIM

Like all business analyses, the business reasons for a taxonomy can be examined from two different perspective.  These are a quantitative analysis and a qualitative analysis.  Both of these pers... read more

Daniel Antion

For the Children by Daniel Antion Vice President of Information Services for American Nuclear Insurers

Last Week, I described my effort to begin crafting an Information Policy that will apply to one of our most recent SharePoint solutions. Eventually, I hope to have a collection of these policies... read more

Jeffrey Lewis

A Challenge to Records and Information Managers by Jeffrey Lewis Records Management Program Manager for SOL Capital Management

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Every day we have two choices 1)Take a risk or 2)Play it safe.  The same is true with records and information management.  Too often the focus is placed on “records” and not “information.”  In t... read more

Matthew Bretzius

SharePoint Governance: What You Need to Know to Put a Plan Together by Matthew Bretzius Public Relations Manager for AvePoint, Inc.

This is a guest post by Jeremy Thake, AvePoint Chief Architect and Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional (MVP) (Note: This is part of our series “Collaborate with Confidence”. Prev... read more

Mike Alsup

Out and About – More Questions than Answers by Mike Alsup Senior Vice President for Gimmal Group


Today, I was inspired by Laurence Hart (Life of Pie) and his review of what has been happening in ECM over the last 6 years.  Also, John Mancini pointed to an important CMSWire summary of what i... read more

Bob Larrivee

Big Bang Implementation Theory by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

I know it’s cheesy to take a TV show title and play with it this way but you stopped to see what I wrote didn’t you? OK so since you took time to begin this post, hopefully I can keep your atten... read more

Richard Medina

The 6 Most Common ECM Usage Patterns and Packages by Richard Medina Co-Founder and Principal Consultant for Doculabs Inc.

For the last several years we’ve recommended that to facilitate almost all aspects of ECM implementation, companies should define a standard ECM portfolio with clear “routes” for supplementation... read more

Jeffrey Lewis

A Successful Records Manager Must Be a Knowledge Manager by Jeffrey Lewis Records Management Program Manager for SOL Capital Management

    A wise man once said, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” This is most true in information governance with regards to reference materials. Reference materials can cover a wid... read more

Christian Buckley

Optimizing in the Collaborative Age by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Metalogix

Most people can identify with a common issue within their own organizations: the attempt to solve a problem before really, truly understanding the problem. We are wired to think tactically, to s... read more

Mimi Dionne

What the CIO Thinks About the Electronic Records Management Project by Mimi Dionne Consultant

The best CIO I ever worked for did several things very well: taught the organization how to plan strategically; bridged tactical IT implementations into organizational strategy; empathized with ... read more