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Jeffrey Lewis

A Successful Records Manager Must Be a Knowledge Manager by Jeffrey Lewis Records Management Program Manager for SOL Capital Management

    A wise man once said, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” This is most true in information governance with regards to reference materials. Reference materials can cover a wid... read more

Christian Buckley

Optimizing in the Collaborative Age by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Metalogix

Most people can identify with a common issue within their own organizations: the attempt to solve a problem before really, truly understanding the problem. We are wired to think tactically, to s... read more

Mimi Dionne

What the CIO Thinks About the Electronic Records Management Project by Mimi Dionne Consultant

The best CIO I ever worked for did several things very well: taught the organization how to plan strategically; bridged tactical IT implementations into organizational strategy; empathized with ... read more

Serge Huber

Don't put less content on your mobile sites ! by Serge Huber CTO for Jahia Solutions

  How often does this happen to you ? You are on the go, you need to check out a web site of a public administration or a company because you need information only available from them direct... read more

Steve Weissman

How I learned to stop worrying and love my capture solution by Steve Weissman Minister of Process & Information Betterment for Holly Group

Say the word "capture" to holders of the CIP certification or other AIIM certificates and you'll be regaled with stories related to the textbook answer “getting information from the original sou... read more

Daniel Antion

Information Policy – Better Late than Never by Daniel Antion Vice President of Information Services for American Nuclear Insurers

Two weeks ago, I started working on a draft Information Policy document that should have been completed about a year ago. I’m not going to beat myself up over this, there really wasn’t any good ... read more

Mark Mandel

I Support DOD 5015.2; and Encourage ALL Federal Agencies to Adopt It by Mark Mandel RM Practice Manager for Open Text Corporation


Here's the longer version of my title: Why I Not Only Support the DoD 5015.02-STD Standard, I Encourage all Federal Agencies to Adopt it.  A Counterpoint to Don Lueder’s Post. [Editor's Note... read more

Bob Larrivee

Patient Records - But Mine Is Special by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

Over the past few months, I have had the good fortune to speak at several events focused on healthcare. This is something I heard many times, “but mine is special”. The reference here was what t... read more

Jeffrey Piper

Balancing user productivity & enterprise control by Jeffrey Piper Chief Customer Officer for SpringCM


These are facts and they are little shocking: ·       45% of the content people need to do their jobs is pulled out of your systems of record and worked on independently – outside your secur... read more

Jeffrey Lewis

How The CIP Meets The Needs Of The Continually Evolving Information Management Landscape by Jeffrey Lewis Records Management Program Manager for SOL Capital Management

I said before that I would continue the blog post on “Why All RIM Professional Should Obtain the CIP,” and this is that continuation.  Information creation and delivery is constantly changin... read more