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Lisa Ricciuti

Are Tweets published? by Lisa Ricciuti Information Management Consultant for Smart Info Management Services


As more of us start using social media applications to communicate in both our personal and professional lives, I’m constantly wondering about the implications this has on my profession.  Are Tw... read more

Bob Larrivee

In Search Of by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

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Anyone remember that TV Show? In Search Of? It was a show that ran from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s, hosted by Leonard Nimoy, and focused on the investigation into mysterious phenomena. Som... read more

James Lappin

The Ontario e-mail deletion scandal (part 5): the backup tapes by James Lappin for Thinking Records


The story so far:   A member of the Ontarian Parliament has alleged that Craig MacLennan had broken Ontario's Archives and Recordkeeping Act by deleting e-mails relating to two controversial gas... read more

Daniel Antion

ECM is What? by Daniel Antion Vice President of Information Services for American Nuclear Insurers

It started on Laurence Hart’s great Word of Pie blog when he pronounced ECM as having died or almost died and been reincarnated or perhaps it is awaiting reincarnation as a series of services. I... read more

Errin O'Connor

SharePoint Decision Guide – A Best Practices Roadmap and Organizational Strategy by EPC Group - Part 3 by Errin O'Connor Founder & CEO for EPC

This is the 3nd  in a 3 part “SharePoint Decision Guide – A Best Practices Roadmap and Organizational Strategy” white paper developed by EPC Group to provide you with key information and in-dept... read more

Bernard Chester

What is a "Capture Factory"? by Bernard Chester Technical Lead for Keste LLC

As I plan to use this term frequently in my blog contributions, I really need to start things off by providing a definition. What is a "Capture Factory"? I first encountered this term wh... read more

Jim Merrifield

3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment by Jim Merrifield Director of Information Governance for FileTrail, Inc.

3 Ways to Maximize Your SharePoint Investment Like many organizations, Microsoft SharePoint might be the heart of your information management, utilizing its robust architecture to ensure con... read more

Steve Weissman

Is All the Information About Having Too Much Information Just Too Much Information to Handle? by Steve Weissman Minister of Process & Information Betterment for Holly Group

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There's no question that the state of today's mobile content technology is nothing short of breathtaking. People can do pretty much everything they’d do from their desktops with their tablets or... read more

Christian Buckley

Connecting Content to Social by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Metalogix

I've been around long enough to see a couple familiar cycles when it comes to social. If you look back to the late 1990's, instant messaging (IM) was the hot social property, with organizations ... read more

Larry Kluger

Digital Signatures: Everything you want to know by Larry Kluger Sr. Market Manager, Integrations & Developers for CoSign by ARX, Inc.


Why a blog on digital signatures? Because you asked! Or to be more precise, because for years, AIIM members have turned out in large numbers to learn about digital signatures from AIIM webin... read more