Expert Blogs

Marc Solomon

How do you spell IP? by Marc Solomon Research Director for Ututilis Consulting

How do you spell I.P.? IP is a system problem if you're steeped in process. There are all kinds of hard stops and high boundaries for containing what the organization knows in order to... read more

Bryant Duhon

Jamming on ECM by Bryant Duhon Editor/Community Manager for AIIM


Join us on July 14 from 11-Noon EST for a tweet jam focused on putting content to work. Allow me to elucidate. What’s a Tweet Jam Musicians jam together by riffing off of a common the... read more

Bob Larrivee

Meanigful Use? by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

I went to visit my Doctor this week for the usual check-up. I am happy to say all is fine with me but the visit did spark something of a discussion in his office about regulatory compliance and ... read more

Jesse Wilkins

Selected social media governance resources by Jesse Wilkins Director, Research & Development for AIIM

  Here's a list of some of the social media governance resources I have found useful. Some of them are very specific to the organization or to a particular sector; some of them are better th... read more

Chris Riley, ECMp, IOAp

New Grocery in town! Why you should care by Chris Riley, ECMp, IOAp VP Marketing

New Grocery in town!  Why you should care When my finance tells me to come with her to the grocery store, my reaction is just short of a 2 year-olds temper tantrum.  I’m not the best person ... read more

Laurence Hart

Content isn't Social, You Are by Laurence Hart Content Management Strategist for Alfresco Software, Inc.


The term social content has been getting some airplay of late. In my opinion it is a marketing term describing something that has been around for a while. Let’s dissect the term for a minute. ... read more

Christian Buckley

Is SharePoint 2010 Really Ready for ECM? by Christian Buckley Director of Product Evangelism for Metalogix


Co-authored with fellow AIIM blogger and ECM expert Chris Riley (@rileybeebs)   This is an interesting question, and the answer really depends on who you ask. Microsoft has made great st... read more

Chris Walker

Social: Bugger All New to See Here by Chris Walker Analyst for Digital Clarity Group


  In the context of business, social content does not exist. Social describes the nature of the forums in which the content is generated; social does not describe the actual content. To be h... read more

Jesse Wilkins

Win a conference pass to FOSE 2011! by Jesse Wilkins Director, Research & Development for AIIM

  AIIM and FOSE want to send you to the FOSE 2011 Conference for free! Here's how you can win a free full conference registration for FOSE 2011, scheduled for July 19-21 at the Walter E. Was... read more

Susan Cisco

Poke Me in the Eye with a Fork - SME Review of Retention Schedules by Susan Cisco Director for Gimmal Group

In our consulting practice, we do not require ECRM system users to understand complex records retention schedules (RRS) in order to achieve records management compliance. Instead we embed the re... read more