Expert Blogs

Bob Larrivee

Hey! I know you. by Bob Larrivee Director of Custom Research for AIIM

Recognition. Having the ability to see something or someone and know what it is or who they are. We humans have this capability through lifelong learning. We start from the day we are born, lear... read more

Nick Inglis

Upgrading SharePoint by Nick Inglis Founding Partner for Optismo


With most businesses running prior versions of SharePoint, I discuss the various methods of upgrading SharePoint. read more

Bryant Duhon

“Sneak Peek” interviews with speakers at AIIM’s Social Business Virtual Conference by Bryant Duhon Editor/Community Manager for AIIM

I wanted to collect all of the “Sneak Peek” interviews in one place for everyone. Below you'll find speaker interviews and articles highlighting themese that will be explored during AIIM’s Socia... read more

Joe Budelli

Tacos + Margaritas + Smartphones = Mobile Capture in Mexico! by Joe Budelli Senior Vice President of Sales for ABBYY USA


A couple colleagues and I recently traveled down to Mexico City to discuss the state of the capture market in Latin America with some of our partners and customers. While we dined on authentic M... read more

Daniel O'Leary

The "SharePoint &... "Strategy by Daniel O'Leary Solution Architect for Box

(Originally posted at The Law of the Instrument states “…if the only tool you have is a hammer, you treat everything as if it were a nail.” When you examine the content mana... read more

Cheryl McKinnon

OpenSocial: "Social Content" Meets ECM? by Cheryl McKinnon Princial Analyst for Forrester Research, Inc.

    Whether we talk about Systems of Engagement, collaboration, next generation intranets or Enterprise 2.0, organizations are recognizing the growth of social business applications... read more

Michael Doyle

A Steaming Pile of SharePoint by Michael Doyle SharePoint Architect

SharePoint 2010 has greatly increased its scalability. We can now add millions of documents and create content databases in the terabyte range. Storage is cheap with everyone seeming to have vir... read more

Bryant Duhon

Talking Governance, Risk, ECM, and Productivity by Bryant Duhon Editor/Community Manager for AIIM

Two Guys Talking. A conversation between expert bloggers Chris Riley (to the left) and Dan O'Leary (right) about systems of engagement, systems of record, ECM, and how much is too much to wo... read more

Jesse Wilkins, CIP

Social Business Virtual Event: Bob Larrivee and How Mobile Devices will Transform Paper Processes by Jesse Wilkins, CIP Director, Research & Development for AIIM

  Here's the latest post in our series of interviews with the speakers for our inaugural Social Business Virtual Conference which is being held completely online this September 8, 2011.  ... read more

Steve Weissman

The Three "E"s of BPM/Workflow Success: Flexibility, Scalability, Simplicity by Steve Weissman Minister of Process & Information Betterment for Holly Group

Discussions before, during, and after an ECM Practitioner class I led last week again reinforced just how hard we can make things for ourselves as we deal with content and process management tec... read more