Business Process Management

Learn how to map, design, and automate operational processes using a combination of strategies, change management, and technologies.

The AIIM BPM Certificate Program is founded on the best practices of AIIM’s 80,000 community members, and the learning objectives have been defined by leading users and solution providers. More than 25,000 industry professionals have benefited from this and other AIIM training courses.

AIIM offers three certificate levels — Practitioner, Specialist, and Master — as well as individual modules covering specific records management topics. Students have 24/7 unlimited access to online self-paced modules, supporting materials, and the exam for 6 months. Students get 3 attempts to pass the exam.

BPM Practitioner Course (BPMp) – available as an online, 24/7 self-paced, or 2-day face-to-face course:
  • Get a thorough understanding of different workflow and BPM technologies
  • Learn the fundamentals of flowcharting and recognize and use standard charting symbols and functions
  • Learn how to take a finished process model to execution or actual automated process and the technical issues that arise
  • Identify and plan enterprise application integration
  • Earn the AIIM BPM Practitioner designation after passing the online exam

BPM Specialist Course (BPMs) – available as an online, 24/7 self-paced course:

  • Identify business benefits and stakeholders of your BPM program
  • Learn requirements gathering and analysis
  • Learn best practices for designing new processes
  • Learn how to best manage change and continuous improvements
  • Earn the AIIM BPM Specialist designation after passing the online exam

BPM Master BPM Master Course (BPMm) – available as a 3-day virtual live, or 4-day face-to-face course:

  • Fast track your education with the best of the BPM Practitioner and Specialist courses
  • Meet with, and learn from industry experts and professionals with similar challenges
  • Earn the AIIM BPM Master designation after passing the case study exercise

For further details on the course content, download our datasheet.

Outcomes and Benefits

If you are tasked with optimizing or automating business processes:

  • 99.7% found the course content to be excellent, good, or satisfactory
  • 40% of course attendees say AIIM training helped them identify new ways to optimize a solution for added value, reduced costs, and managed risks
  • 26% of course attendees got promoted, got a higher salary/bonus, got a new job, or landed new customers as a result of taking the course

If you sell BPM solutions or services:

  • 89% of course attendees say AIIM training made them more effective at identifying and engaging prospects
  • 78% became more effective at demonstrating how their solution matches the customer requirements
How to Choose and Book

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Modules Self-Paced N/A N/A N/A
or Specialist
Self-Paced $595 £350 €450
Public or Virtual $1195 £750 €935
Master Public or Virtual $2495 £1760 €2415

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