Relevance and Results

AIIM’s training courses have been defined by our 80,000-member community, to provide essential and practical skills development for solving today’s information management challenges. These credentials are now in demand by leading employers worldwide.


Top 10 Tasks

Which module or course is right for you? 

Here's a list of the top and most current project tasks for which our members seek training assistance. Each task links to the most relevant course in our portfolio.

1) How to determine business requirements for my project.
(ECM Practitioner course -- all modules)

2) How to structure a business case for my project.
(ECM Specialist Module 3)

3) How to plan for change management.
(ECM Specialist Module 7

4) How to create an internal communication plan.
(ECM Specialist Module 19)

5) How to plan documentation, training & testing.
(ECM Specialist Module 22)

6) How to create a metadata model for content.
(ECM Practitioner Module 13)

7) How to establish an information governance framework.
(Info Gov Practitioner course -- all modules)

8) How to determine content retention vs. disposition.
(Info Gov Practitioner Module 6)

9) How to determine a business classification scheme & file plan.
(ERM Practitioner Module 5)

10) How to map and flowchart processes.
(PI Practitioner Module 7)

You Choose how to Learn

Our courses come in two flavors of depth and intensity:

  • brief practicums on overcoming specific business challenges or,
  • deep dives into core information management disciplines

For your convenience and learning preferences, we offer most of the courses:

  • as online self-paced study or,
  • in live, instructor-led virtual sessions or,
  • in live, instructor-led public classes in major cities worldwide

To find the course that's right for you, download our course portfolio data sheet.

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