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How to Automate Records Capture and Classification

Capture is what takes place to get documents that are considered important into an ERM or ECM system. Scanning or digitizing the information is what happens to capture information for our information systems. Information that was originally created in digital format can through diligent management of the information, be incorporated into the information systems. 

How to Obtain User Acceptance

The steps in this toolkit provides practical tips on how to gain the acceptance from your users when implementing a new technology, process or any other change.

AIIM TR41-2006, Optical Disk Storage Technology, Management, and Standards

This technical report provides information on the various technologies, management, implementation strategies, and industry standards for optical based subsystems. This information and the corresponding techniques described have been provided to enable optical disk system users, as well as other imaging system users, to become knowledgeable in the various techniques currently in use throughout the imaging industry.

AIIM MS4-1987, Flowchart Symbols and Their Use in Micrographics

Flowchart symbols, terminology and procedures were designed for use and compatibility with existing ANSI standards for flowchart information processing. These standards are defined in ANSI X.3.5-1970.

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