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AIIM MS59-1996, Standard - Media Error Monitoring and Reporting Techniques for Verification of Stored Data on Optical Digital Data Disks

This standard describes two approaches of media error monitoring and reporting techniques to verify the information stored on optical digital data disks: a high-level approach with functional commands and an implementation of a set of SCSI-2 (Small Computer System Interface-2) commands.

AIIM MS60-1996, Standard - Electronic Folder Interchange Datastream

This standard defines and describes necessary and sufficient data stream constructs that provide the ability to exchange complex image objects between electronic image systems.

AIIM MS8-1998, Image Mark (Blip) Used in Image Mark Retrieval Systems

This standard specifically describes the characteristics of the image mark (formerly known as blip mark) on 16mm film.

AIIM MS9-1987, Method for Measuring Thickness of Buildup Area on Unitized Microfilm Carriers (Aperture, Camera, Copy, and Image Cards)

This document specifies the creation and use of unitized microfilm in the field of photographic document reproduction.

AIIM TR15-1997, Planning Considerations Addressing Preparation of Documents for Image Capture

This technical report serves as a guide for document preparation.

AIIM TR31-2004, Legal Acceptance of Records Produced by Information Technology Systems

This report is a 2004 composite of material published in 1992-1994 as ANSI/AIIM TR31-1992, ANSI/AIIM TR31-1993, and ANSI/AIIM TR31-1994 (Part III). Those reports dealt with the admissibility in USA federal and state courts of printouts of document and data records that are stored digitally. 

AIIM TR16-1996, Content of Production Specification Sheets for Microform Readers and Reader-Printers

This report is intended to assist equipment manufacturers in preparing key descriptive information for product specification sheets that describe microform readers and reader-printers.

AIIM TR17-1989, Facsimile and Its Role in Electronic Imaging

This technical report, which serves as a basic guide to fax, discusses the variety of equipment available, applications, consumer’s facsimile needs, and selecting appropriate equipment to meet those needs.

AIIM TR20-1994, Environmental and Workplace Safety Regulations Affecting Microfilm Processors

This technical report provides an overview of environmental laws and regulations affecting photographic processing activities.

AIIM TR25-1995, The Use of Optical Disks for Public Records

This report provides guidelines for the planning, implementation, and operation of optical disk systems in applications involving long-term and permanent public records.

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