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Enterprise Content Management Quick Study

What exactly is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? This quick study introduces what is meant by Enterprise Content Management as a concept, and describes some of the key business drivers for and benefits of ECM.

Electronic Records Management Quick Study

What exactly is Electronic Records Management (ERM)? This quick study introduces ERM as a concept and describes some of the key business drivers associated with ERM today. 

Business Process Management Quick Study

The approaches to business management in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) are closely related.  Sometimes their technologies overlap. Learn how to choose between BPM and ECM for a process management initiative.

File Share Cleanup Quick Study

File Shares pose unique records and information management challenges as they are collaborative in nature, have numerous stakeholders and limited metadata. Management of this environment blends communication, change management and record management principles.

AIIM's Community

Learn how to connect online to AIIM's 193,000 community members.  

AIIM Events

Learn more about AIIM virtual, regional, and international events.

AIIM's Certified Information Professional

Digital disruption calls for digital leaders with the skills and experience to optimize information assets and transform business.  Learn about AIIM's certification program.

CIP Renewal

If your CIP status is lapsed, you are eligible to reinstate your CIP status within one (1) year of the date it lapsed. To apply for reinstatement, you must submit 45 continuing education credits (CEUs) and pay the reinstatement fee of $200, which includes the renewal fee for three years. Once your CEUs have been reviewed and approved, and your payment processed, your CIP status will be fully reinstated and your renewal date will be reset to three years from the date of reinstatement.

If your CIP status has lapsed longer than 1 year, you will be required to pass the current CIP exam at the current fee in order to reinstate your CIP status.

CIP Continuing Education Credits

The CIP is good for three years and must be renewed by earning 45 continuing education credits (CEUs) to maintain the certification. Submit your CEUs here.

CIP Renewal

You've submitted your CEUs and want to pay your renewal fee - or, you plan to submit your CEUs soon, but want to pay your renewal fee now - no problem! 
You can now pay your CIP renewal fee online. The renewal fee for AIIM professional members is $75 (USD) through the end of the 2017. The price increases for members to $135 in 2018. Nonmembers pay $150. Once payment and CEUs have been successfuly submitted, the renewal is good for three years. Please select the payment button below to complete your payment.

Registration Now Open - AIIM Conference 2018

April 11-13, 2018. San Antonio, Texas!

Join our community of information professionals at our annual gathering. Abundance of education, networking, and fun. Don't miss out - mark those calendars.

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