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3 Keys to Your GDPR Compliance Strategy

Tip Sheet

A new set of European rules and standards related to privacy and data protection (the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) has set in motion a mad compliance scramble not for European companies, but for any company doing business in Europe or with European customers. The regulation codifies many privacy rights and creates an explicit obligation to the controller as well as the processor to be able to demonstrate their compliance to the GDPR. The clock is ticking – the regulation goes into effect in May next year, and the potential penalties for non-compliance are significant (up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover). So what does this mean? Find out in our new Tip Sheet -- Three Keys to Your GDPR Compliance Strategy

Our Collision Course with GDPR - Achieving Compliance Before It's Too Late


Download this infographic to learn about important notifications to keep in mind while preparing for GDPR compliance, as well as benchmark your GDPR readiness progress against peers.

AIIM On Air Podcast: Bob Larrivee on BPM, GDPR; Rich Howarth on innovations in analytics & cognitive capture

Episode 37: Bob Larrivee, Vice President and Chief Analyst at AIIM, discusses the new AIIM Industry Watch Report Business Process Automation 2017 – Designing an Intelligent Workplace. Bob also discusses recent research on Understanding GDPR Readiness in 2017. Also, part one of an interview with Rich Howarth, Vice President of Engineering, Watson Data Platform at IBM, discusses innovations in analytics, cognitive capture and how Watson fits into the new paradigm of Intelligent Information Management.

Understanding GDPR Readiness in 2017

White Paper

The survey sample we conducted in May 2017 is intended to assess the general readiness of businesses in relation to meeting the compliance requirements of GDPR, as we approach the May 2018 enforcement deadline. The following report presents the results we collected along with our analysis of those results, and our recommendations on steps businesses can take to better prepare for GDPR enforcement day.

AIIM On Air Podcast - Reynold Leming discussing the latest on EU's GDPR and Data Protection

Episode 34: Reynold Leming from Informu Solutions discusses the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and why it is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. The implications are global, and organizations around the world should now consider the implications.

AIIM On Air Podcast - AIIM17 First Time Review and Mind+Machine Analytics

Episode 33: Author Marc Vollenweider discusses his new book Mind+Machine and how the human mind must (and will) interact with machines and analytics to create opportunities and capabilities that don't exist today. He also discusses the EU's GDPR. Also, Addie Wright, a Database Supervisor from Measured Progress gives us her first-time review of AIIM17.

Guest Post - Privacy by Design: The Intersection of Law and Technology

Andrew Pery

The case for more rigorous cybersecurity and the protection of personally identifiable information is compelling.  Consider the following facts:  

  • The Identity Theft Resource Center found that data breaches have increased 40% from 2015 to 2016, reaching an all-time high of 1,093 in the U.S. alone; and,
  • The average cost per breach in 2016 is pegged at $4 million, up 29% from the year prior.

The Missing List -- 28 -- now 29 -- Free Information Management Tip Sheets

John Mancini

In case you missed some of my short-form Tip Sheets, here's a full list. Happy reading!

Digital Transformation and the role of "ECM" – or whatever we wind up calling it!

John Mancini

Digital is changing people and organizations, not only in terms of technological opportunities, but also how people think about technology and its role in their lives. It’s no longer people who adapt to technology – rather, technology adapts to us (Accenture, Technology Vision 2017, Technology for People).

Need a Content Management Quick Fix? Here's of 19 Them!

John Mancini

In case you missed some of our new short-form "Tip Sheets," here's a full list. Happy reading!
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