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Informaiton Privacy and Security - GDPR is just the Tip of the Iceberg


The EU GDPR Means A New Era for Information Privacy and Security. Organizations cannot hope to meet this coming wave of regulation by approaching information privacy and security as an afterthought or by applying outdated and manual approaches to a set of problems that simply must be automated.

Find out more in AIIM's new e-book, Information Privacy and Security -- GDPR is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

5 Questions you should be Asking about GDPR

Tip Sheet

The EU GDPR Means A New Era for Information Privacy and Security

Find out more in AIIM's new Tip Sheet -- 5 Questions You Should be Asking About GDPR.  Download your copy TODAY!

The Simplest Route to Security and Compliance: How North American Multinationals Are Responding to Regulatory Compliance

2018 is just around the corner, and with it comes a slew of new security and regulatory concerns. Responding to this new landscape of information security concerns and complying with regulation can seem like a massive effort, especially if your organization has not been employing best practices with managing your data and information, or struggles with multiple systems with inadequate architecture. In this webinar, we’ll take a close look at some best practices for data privacy compliance, and assess how six large US-based multinational organizations are: prioritizing GDPR compliance with other goals; assessing the risk posed by noncompliance; formalizing teams to address this and future mandates; and revising data privacy models in a world where breaches continue to be the norm. The more consistency you can achieve between systems, and the broader your controls around those systems, the easier your process will be. Without the simplest route to compliance, the risk will always be too great.

Navigating Data Privacy in Canada: Understanding Compliance, Governance, and the Law

Under the backdrop of PIPEDA, organizations in the Canadian private sector are regulated on how they are to collect, use, and disclose personal information in the course of commercial business. In this webinar, AIIM’s chief analyst will participate in an interactive discussion with a leading executive on what it takes to manage and protect information in Canada. Learn and how to take advantage of this country-wide Act when paired with information governance and data privacy best practices.

Guest Post -- New Global Data and Privacy Regulations in 2018 and the GDPR

Jude O'Neil

Believe it or not, 2018 is less than 100 days away and it is bringing with it a slew of new regulatory concerns. Data privacy breaches have been in the news again and again this year, eliciting increased concern from regulators and legislative bodies. We can be sure that issues like the Equifax breach and Yahoo’s recent disclosure of the scope of the 2013 breach will remain topics of discussion and litigation for some time to come.

Get Doing Privacy Right now! A case study in implementing GDPR for a global services organization

Knowing what GDPR is and how it effects your organisation are only the first steps to achieving compliance. Organisations must take concrete steps to operationalize the management of processes, stakeholders and information sources that relate to GDPR. Using a case study, Metataxis will describe an overall approach to achieving practical GDPR compliance with the implementation of Active Navigation's file analysis platform. This approach not only delivers short term compliance, but sustained compliance over time, while delivering information management and governance benefits.

4 P’s of GDPR Readiness

Being ready for the GDPR takes time and planning and staying in compliance is over time requires considerable attention and supervision.  At ASG, we’ve grouped these into the 4 P’s of GDPR readiness.  No, not product, price, promotion, placement but Preparation, Production, Performance and Persistence.  Ready for “go live”’ takes considerable preparation across the data the organization has captured and the processes it runs.  A complete review of everything in order to identify and understand personal data under management is critical. Yet, organizations must also be ready to manage productions that captures consent of data subjects and the applications that process this data.  Performance refers to the review and oversight that must take place as the organization is made audit ready.  Finally, any organization must have the persistence and the needed reports and monitoring in place to assure compliance over the long term.  While preparation of the data estate may seem the most obvious requirement for “GDPR go live” in fact, organizations must be ready across the entire spectrum of compliance related tasks.

How will this impact how you manage information in your organization?

In May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into force. The intention of GDPR is to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). As with most regulations of this type, the impact to business organisations extends beyond those based in the EU, to any business transacting business within the EU. In short, GDPR has an international impact on how businesses manage and protect their information and data assets. Lack of compliance could lead to significant sanctions of up to 4 % of worldwide turnover, based on the previous financial year. Will you be able to comply?

A Strategic GDPR Approach: Busting Through the Headlines

Marketing departments have gone into overdrive with the opportunity the GDPR presents to see products and services, which often leaves organisations struggling to separate fact from the myths. Join Ralph O'Brien as he dispels some of these headlines and provides a strategic way forward to manage privacy risk.

GDPR - A Force for Transformation

Creating a foundation to fluidly meet GDPR can uncover new opportunities to innovate for the future. Yes it requires a great digital strategy. Join us as we explore some opportunities and lessons we learned while implementing a holistic approach for regulations in a large financial institution.

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