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ANSI/AIIM/CGATS/ISO 19005-1:2005, Document Management - Electronic Document File Format for Long-Term Preservation - Part 1: Use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1)

This part of ANSI/CGATS/AIIM/ISO 19005 specifies how to use the Portable Document Format (PDF) 1.4 for long-term preservation of electronic documents. It is applicable to documents containing combinations of character, raster and vector data.

This part of ANSI/CGATS/AIIM/ISO 19005 does not apply to:

  • specific processes for converting paper or electronic documents to the PDF/A format;
  • specific technical design, user interface, implementation, or operational details of rendering;
  • specific physical methods of storing these documents such as media and storage conditions;
  • required computer hardware and/or operating systems.

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