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AIIM's StratML Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Strategy Markup Language (StratML) standard.


Owen Ambur, Retired, Department of Interior

About StratML

StratML is an XML vocabulary and set of schemas for strategic plans, performance plans, and performance reports. It enables the sharing, referencing, indexing, discovery, linking, reuse and analysis of the elements of such plans and reports, including goal and objective statements as well as the stakeholders to which they apply. While the initial focus has been the plans and reports U.S. federal agencies are required to compile and publish on their websites, care has been taken to specify the standard generically so as to be applicable to the plans and reports of all organizations worldwide.  StratML Part 1, Strategic Plans, has been published as an international standard (ISO 17469-1).  Part 2, Performance Plans and Reports, is an American national standard (ANSI/AIIM 22:2011) and is being moved into the ISO process as well.  Part 3, Additional Elements, has been published as an AIIM best practice.

Committee Documents and Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule

The StratML committee will meet as necessary to move Part 2 through the ISO process for establishment as an international standard.

Committee Documents


Meeting notes will be posted here shortly. 




  • ANSI/AIIM 21: 2009, Standard Recommended Practice - Strategy Markup Language - Part 1: StratML Core
  • ANSI/AIIM 22: 2011, Standard Recommended Practice - Strategy Markup Language - Part 2: Performance Plans and Reports

Documents for Review and Comment

There are no documents for committee review at this time.