PDF/UA, Universal Accessibility

For more information on how to join this committee, please contact Duff Johnson, PDF/Universal Accessibility Committee Chair and/or AIIM Standards.


Responsible for establishing a set of guidelines for creating accessible PDF. The components and their structure are highly dependent upon which objects (graphics, text, multimedia, form fields) are to be present in the PDF file. The specification will describe such components and the conditions governing their inclusion in a PDF file in order to be considered accessible for a particular document type. The mechanisms for including the components in the PDF stream will be left to the discretion of the individual developer, PDF generator, or PDF viewing agent.


Duff Johnson

Committee Documents and Meeting Schedule

All committee documents and meeting schedules can be found at the committee Wiki (editable website). Access to the Wiki is restricted to members of the Committee only. For more information, please visit the home page of the PDF/UA Wiki to join and participate.

All meetings will be available via teleconference. PDF-UA will be working "live" through the wiki.

PDF/UA-1 Technical Implementation Guide: Understanding ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA-1)  

PDF/UA-1 Technical Implementation Guide: Understanding ISO 32000-1 (PDF 1.7)

Achieving WCAG 2.0 with PDF/UA

Committee Documents (All meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the PDF wiki at http://pdf.editme.com)