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Responsible for specifying PDF tags for the archival or long-term preservation of electronic documents.


Stephen Levenson, Administrative Office of the U.S. District Courts

Committee Documents and Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule

The US PDF/A committee will be taking a development break to focus on promoting the adoption of the PDF/A family of standards. If a meeting is called, an agenda will be distributed prior to the meeting and posted on this page. 


PDF/A Resources

Adobe Specifications


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Documents for Review and Comment

Reminder: The documents in this section are drafts and are subject to much change as they are developed.

This is a joint activity between NPES, The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, and the Association for Information and Image Management, International (AIIM International) to develop and maintain the International standard that defines the use of the Portable Document Format (PDF) for archiving and preserving documents.