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Feb 02, 2015
This white paper provides you with key information and in-depth analysis that will assist your organization in developing a best practices 24-36 month SharePoint Roadmap and related implementation strategy.

Nov 13, 2014

Information plays a central role in most organizations today. Yet, they continue to struggle with implementing systems to help their employees find the right information they need, when they need it. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to managing and understanding the information that is scattered across enterprises. In this whitepaper, IDC Research Director, David Schubmehl answers questions about the value of InfoApps for Unified Information Access.

BA Insight

Nov 13, 2014
Moving your document management to a cloud-based solution is not a straight-forward decision, there are benefits and disadvantages. We look at the current state of document management software and how to think through the process of moving to the cloud.

Nov 12, 2014

Search-Based Applications are getting more and more attention as the concept is very powerful. However, planning and implementing Search-Based Applications is a challenging process with lots of difficulties and stress. This whitepaper introduces Search-Based Applications (SBAs) and covers the five most important steps to planning and implementing killer Search-Based Applications in a practical way.

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Nov 12, 2014

Organizations are accountable for customer communications regardless of the various delivery channels. It is not enough to simply deliver customer communications electronically. Organizations must be able to track delivery preferences, confirm successful transmission, and record web-based access to archived documents. If one delivery channel fails, the production management system needs to attempt delivery through an alternate channel and notify the organization that the delivery failed. This white paper discusses the increased demands and best practices for deploying a Customer Communication Management (CCM) Platform via an Enterprise Dashboard to ensure an organization has the appropriate visibility, automation and reporting.

Solimar Systems

Nov 05, 2014

What is defensible deletion and how do you implement an effective strategy?

Best known as a strategy for retaining and disposing of items based on organizational value and legal requirements, defensible deletion allows organizations to manage their handling, storage and eDiscovery costs as well as their risk while freeing up resources that can be better spent elsewhere. In this white paper, Sherpa's own Marta Farensbach defines defensible deletion while highlighting some key areas where organizations should take action. 

To give you a brief sneak-peek of what to expect, here are the key points from the white paper, "Demystifying Defensible Deletion:"

  • What defensible deletion is
  • Why it is important
  • How it reduces operational clutter
  • Liability and risks associated
  • How to begin your deletion
  • Implementing an effective strategy
  • Pitfalls to look out for
  • and much more!
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Oct 02, 2014

Using Embedded File Management Capabilities

As organizations adopt formal document management systems (DMS), they face some key choices.  Most companies have legacy systems in place supporting major processes in their company (e.g., manufacturing, quality, finance, engineering, etc.)  While many of these legacy systems are being replaced or upgraded, there is an easy path for companies looking to install a document management solution. 


Sep 03, 2014

A paperless or even a less-paper environment seems to be a future dream as organizations still continue to grapple with office printing, which is can be a significant cost burden when organizations need to carry out their missions under greater scrutiny and with fewer resources.

Extensive analysis on the cost of printing and issued specific recommendations and policy on how to contain and lower these costs has been undertaken by research organizations. Based on data collected, focusing on print cost containment is a comparatively easy target to realize immediate and impactful savings. Industry research shows that by implementing a print (or "output") management strategy print costs can be reduced by as much as 30%.

Notable Solutions

Aug 27, 2014

Define your future state of IG using CIGP: Phase 3, Exploring the Implementation Phase

In this white paper series, we describe a four-part proven process for undertaking an information governance project - we call that process the Corporate Information Governance Program (CIGP). 
Key points from the Implementation phase:
-Plan time to gather key metrics about your information prior to policy planning
-Leverage the expertise of your IG committee members when formulating policies
-Select policy enforcement tools that are flexible and extensible
-Let your user community know why the governance polices are being implemented
-Make provisions for initial and recurring training of the end user community
-When policies change, resist the temptation to take shortcuts and be sure to repeat the implementation steps
This series delves into each of the four distinct phases of the CIGP framework.  Check back for installment 4 soon.

Sherpa Software

Aug 08, 2014

We live in an information age. Data generation is exploding. According to Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google Corporation, "There was 5 Exabytes of information created from the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days, and the pace is increasing."

The large enterprise is not immune to this phenomenon. Not only are corporations experiencing exponential growth in the volume of information they have under management, but they are also adopting new business systems at a rapid rate. The result is that modern organizations now manage an increasing number of burgeoning and unwieldy data repositories, both on premise and in the cloud. Organizations which recognize that this information represents a huge corporate asset and which correspondingly seek a means to allow their knowledge workers to leverage this can gain significant competitive advantage. This Whitepaper shares why Enterprise Search can be your key for gaining easy access to this wealth on information.

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