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Oct 02, 2014

Using Embedded File Management Capabilities

As organizations adopt formal document management systems (DMS), they face some key choices.  Most companies have legacy systems in place supporting major processes in their company (e.g., manufacturing, quality, finance, engineering, etc.)  While many of these legacy systems are being replaced or upgraded, there is an easy path for companies looking to install a document management solution. 


Sep 03, 2014

A paperless or even a less-paper environment seems to be a future dream as organizations still continue to grapple with office printing, which is can be a significant cost burden when organizations need to carry out their missions under greater scrutiny and with fewer resources.

Extensive analysis on the cost of printing and issued specific recommendations and policy on how to contain and lower these costs has been undertaken by research organizations. Based on data collected, focusing on print cost containment is a comparatively easy target to realize immediate and impactful savings. Industry research shows that by implementing a print (or "output") management strategy print costs can be reduced by as much as 30%.

Notable Solutions

Aug 27, 2014

Define your future state of IG using CIGP: Phase 3, Exploring the Implementation Phase

In this white paper series, we describe a four-part proven process for undertaking an information governance project - we call that process the Corporate Information Governance Program (CIGP). 
Key points from the Implementation phase:
-Plan time to gather key metrics about your information prior to policy planning
-Leverage the expertise of your IG committee members when formulating policies
-Select policy enforcement tools that are flexible and extensible
-Let your user community know why the governance polices are being implemented
-Make provisions for initial and recurring training of the end user community
-When policies change, resist the temptation to take shortcuts and be sure to repeat the implementation steps
This series delves into each of the four distinct phases of the CIGP framework.  Check back for installment 4 soon.

Sherpa Software

Aug 08, 2014

We live in an information age. Data generation is exploding. According to Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google Corporation, "There was 5 Exabytes of information created from the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days, and the pace is increasing."

The large enterprise is not immune to this phenomenon. Not only are corporations experiencing exponential growth in the volume of information they have under management, but they are also adopting new business systems at a rapid rate. The result is that modern organizations now manage an increasing number of burgeoning and unwieldy data repositories, both on premise and in the cloud. Organizations which recognize that this information represents a huge corporate asset and which correspondingly seek a means to allow their knowledge workers to leverage this can gain significant competitive advantage. This Whitepaper shares why Enterprise Search can be your key for gaining easy access to this wealth on information.

BA Insight

Aug 07, 2014
Business applications are not office suite programs. This means that they usually can’t be used to create documents, such as customer correspondence and quotations, for customer communications purposes. And to make things worse, the simple document creation programs that are offered on the market as a way to complement CRM solutions and the like are simply not up to par for professional use, as they can’t be properly integrated, do not offer adequate automation functionality, and are unable to generate complex documents.

That´s the problem Actuate wants to solve. An integrated solution for document generation in the cloud eliminates all of these disadvantages by bringing document generation to a whole new level and meeting the communication needs of today’s customers.

Jul 18, 2014

The modern enterprise is struggling to make sense of the structured and unstructured information that is being generated and leveraged in exponentially growing volumes across an increasing variety of application silos. The fragmentation, diversity, and overall inaccessibility of this data can lead to a number of suboptimal outcomes, such as the lack of responsiveness to customer inquiries, widespread duplication of effort, general inability to locate and nurture expertise, and decreased employee productivity.

This white paper discusses unified information access platforms and applications, and in particular describes how the BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform transforms SharePoint into a powerful UIA platform, providing capabilities beyond SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box.


BA Insight

Jun 27, 2014
The primary objective of this article is to draw a distinction between clustering as a method for organizing records, and information governance as a multi-disciplinary approach addressing more than traditional records management - incorporating privacy attributes, electronic discovery requirements, metadata management and unstructured data analytic - and dispelling the notion that clustering constitutes information governance. As it will become evident, nothing could be further from the truth.

Jun 26, 2014
A Pro-Active Solution to Managing Unstructured information

Unified Information Governance (UIG) is a new approach to managing information. associated with managing it. . It allows for the pro-active management of document on-boarding and classification, retention rules implementation and unstructured data analytics, enterprise wide. True IG encompasses more than traditional records management. From a technology perspective, it should address all business requirements, from simple aggregation of documents into clusters, to advanced.


Jun 25, 2014
Recognizing eDiscovery as part of a complete information governance (IG) solution
This eDiscovery white paper will touch on how, with the use of effective IG policies and procedures in place, risk is mitigated throughout the company and eDiscovery becomes a manageable task. 
Learn how eDiscovery actually relies on effective information governance policies for trouble-free collection, processing and production by reading this white paper.
Sherpa Software

Jun 19, 2014

How to prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

It’s no wonder that data legislation from nearly 20 years ago is out of touch with the realities and demands of modern life, both from a consumer and business perspective. Technological developments are responsible for the generation of vast amounts of data, bringing with it questions around privacy and data protection - fuelling the argument that it’s time to leave the digital Stone Age behind.

“The message the European Parliament is sending is unequivocal: this reform is a necessity, and now it is irreversible.”

Crown Records Management