Industry Watch Reports

Mar 24, 2014

Many well-established ECM systems have struggled with two growing collaboration needs: quickly and easily linking external project partners into the content-sharing environment, and giving all users access to collaborative content and approval workflows from their mobile devices.  Users have taken to cloud-based file-share and sync services to solve the issue while ECM suppliers have introduced hybrid-cloud extensions of on-prem solutions.

In this survey report, we set out to measure the drivers for collaboration, the strategy choices being made, and the feature sets required. We also look at the user requirements for mobile content access and mobile interaction with content processes and workflows.

Nov 27, 2013

In this research report we take a “Big Data meets Big Content” approach, recording how users see the potential benefits of big data analytics involving both structured (transactional) and unstructured (text-based) content. We explore the most popular content-based applications, and measure the ROI that early adopters are achieving, as well as the issues they have faced. We also include a list of recommendations and a glossary of terms.

Download this free 26-page report to see how you should be monitoring big data opportunities, building a business case and taking the first steps.

Sep 17, 2013

SharePoint 2013 brings new capabilities but also a number of new challenges. In this report, we look at the adoption rates for SharePoint as an ECM/DM system, the ongoing issues of user adoption, and overall project success – or otherwise. We measure the adoption of SharePoint 2013 and the difficulties that users report with their upgrades and migrations. We study the impact of the new 2013 features, particularly on third party add-on products. We look at the take up of the 365-product family, and the issues that cloud presents for SharePoint users. Finally, we measure spending plans for licenses, services and add-on products.

Jul 30, 2013

The paybacks from paper-free processes can be dramatic: much improved response times and greater productivity of back-office staff. Extending capture to mobile devices provides even closer coupling to back-office workflows. Yet the progress being made towards paper-free processes is very slow. 

In this report, we look at the reasons for this poor progress, measure the adoption of digital mailrooms, chart the progress of mobile capture, and show which paper-free processes are the most effective. We help you build a business case for the battle against paper, and make recommendations on how to move the business forward on all fronts.

Jul 25, 2013

Die Fortschritte In Richtung papierloser Prozesse erfolgen äußerst langsam. Die meisten Unternehmen haben noch nicht einmal 5 % der Prozesse umstrukturiert, die von der erhöhten Flexibilität, Einsehbarkeit und Effizienz elektronischer Arbeitsabläufe profitieren würden. In diesem Bericht untersuchen wir die Gründe für diesen zögerlichen Fortschritt, ermitteln den Einsatz digitaler Poststellen, bilden den Fortschritt in der mobilen Erfassung ab und zeigen, welche Prozesse sich effektiv für das papierlose Arbeiten eignen. Wir beraten Sie bei dem Projekt „Sieg im Papierkrieg“ und sprechen Empfehlungen für eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung aus.

May 20, 2013

What's the plan for your ECM system(s) - consolidate, integrate, mobilize, socialize, cloud...? Many users are facing important decisions around which systems to focus on and how to deploy them for maximum benefit.

In this annual AIIM ECM survey report, we take a look at the content stored in Enterprise Content Management or Document Management system(s), what is stored elsewhere, the balance of process platforms, information repositories, collaboration, and the steps being taken to improve information access inside and outside the organization.

Mar 19, 2013

Nowadays, investigations and court cases are likely to hinge on evidence from electronic documents, emails and even social comments. As the argument moves from how do we keep stuff, to how can we defensibly get rid of stuff, what shape does enterprise records management take? And how do we keep a lid on the escalating costs of content storage?

In this report, we look at the risk profiles around electronic records, retain vs. delete options, e-discovery issues, and the implications of social and cloud on RM policies. We also look at the development of enterprise-wide governance policies, and how they translate into system strategies.

Nov 26, 2012

Social is everywhere. But while it has been wholeheartedly accepted in consumer-land, the enterprise has responded more cautiously. It can be used both within and beyond the business to provide very useful colaboration capabilities, but balancing the security and compliance needs of the organization with the dynamic, boundary-free nature of social tools has been a major challenge for the corporate world.

In this report, we look at why organizations are exploring social, who is for and against its adoption, and which areas of the business are taking full advantage of the opportunities that social presents - particularly when it is hooked into specific business processes. Download the free 33-page report to inform your decision-process.

Oct 08, 2012

For IT decision makers it’s not a choice of whether to move core functions to the cloud but when. In particular document and records management systems, and corporate collaboration suites, throw into sharp relief the issues of security and governance that can often be offset in other web applications in favor of cost-saving or flexibility. Of particular concern are the consumer-grade file-sharing systems that can by-pass IT control, but which business users find so useful.

In this report, we look at the issues, experiences and decision-making around general cloud computing, content storage in the cloud, cloud collaboration and cloud governance. Download the free 28-page report to inform your decision-process.

Jul 30, 2012

Governance is still causing problems for SharePoint users. Management of metadata and taxonomies, and control of site proliferation, are given as the two biggest on-going technical issues in our survey, with missing functionality as the third. Nearly half of our respondents feel that compared to out-of-the-box SharePoint, they could be 50% more productive with enhanced workflow, search, information reporting, and automated document creation tools. Scanning and capture, case management and social system add-ons would all produce significant productivity improvements of 25% or more. Over half are using or planning to use third-party add-on products to enhance these functional areas.

Download this independent 28-page report for free to see how you could be optimizing your SharePoint deployment.