Case Studies

Aug 20, 2014
ALTE LEIPZIGER archives around 15 million incoming and outgoing documents every year. The incoming documents in particular represented a challenge due to the many different formats received through ALTE LEIPZIGER’s various channels such as email, fax and the agent’s portal. Due to the application of the 3-Heights™ Document Converter the conversion of documents with different formats and versions significantly reduced the number of clearing cases and documents that could not be processed automatically by electronic means.
PDF Tools AG

Aug 08, 2014

Documents are the firm's "lifeblood" – they contain extremely valuable information. As repositories of the firm's intellectual capital, the value of the company's documents can be realized only by accessing and using their content. Kelley Drye faced a real challenge in providing its attorneys and other professional staff with the tools they needed to search and access corporate documents and data stored in line-of-business applications, file shares, and email inboxes and archives.

BA Insight

Aug 07, 2014
The so-called Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) in use at Lufthansa provides flight personnel with all general, personal and flight-related information on a single end device. The application on the EFB supports all of the main processes for flight preparation, execution and wrap-up.

Changing the PDF Viewer has made it possible to include additional documents from airplane manufacturers; it also provides greater access speed to existing documents. Faster access to important information has further increased flight safety.
PDF Tools AG

Jul 24, 2014
More than 20,000 documents that are required by public authorities for regulatory reasons are created yearly within Bayer CropScience. In order to deal with the complexity of the documents both now and in the future, all existing as well as all new documents should be saved as high-quality PDF documents in the document management system. They must be available in a long-term archiving format including bookmarks and full-text indexing.
PDF Tools AG

Jul 18, 2014

DLA Piper, the world largest law firm, struggled with manual processes across multiple siloed systems in a growingly competitive and resource-constrained era. BA Insight, a Microsoft partner, helped them transform the way their professionals search and access information from multiple platforms through a Business-Critical SharePoint solution, taking advantage of the line-of-business connectivity and enterprise search capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint.

BA Insight

Jul 10, 2014

In the fast and demanding sector of Business Process Outsourcing award-winning Parseq is simply par excellence. Established 40 years ago the company has evolved in to a highly respected major player with offices in Yorkshire, London and Glasgow. The Parseq portfolio crosses the business spectrum from high value global brands to SMEs embracing front and back of office outsourced procedures including customer acquisition, retention and service, product fulfillment and delivery, client invoicing, billing & collections. The integrity of Parseq is reflected in their acceptance and compliance within highly regulated areas such as such as banks, the public sector and Not For Profit (NFP) operations as well as the commercial aspect of energy, retail, travel and publishing houses. The sheer statistics speak for themselves. Over 100,000 items of financial correspondence processed securely every day: £2 billion payments made every month: 70 million calls made per year on behalf of clients: and an integrated cheque service across 9 countries.


Jul 10, 2014
Verlagsgruppe WELTBILD has an awareness rating of 85 per cent (GfK 2011) and is the most well-known book brand and the leading book company in the German-speaking market. WELTBILD uses an IRS-ODS software module to manage picking and packaging at the logistics center. Logistical information is not determined until the goods are picked and packaged. Printing out the complete delivery documents in advance was therefore no longer possible; they had to be created step by step. This in turn called for high performance software that could reliably merge and print PDF documents and could be integrated into the existing program code via an API.
PDF Tools AG

Jul 10, 2014

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust delivers integrated health and social care to 340,000 people in Belfast and part of the Borough of Castlereagh. It also provides specialist services to all of Northern Ireland.

With an annual budget of approximately £1bn (spending about £3m each day) and a staff of 20,000, it is one of the largest Trusts in the United Kingdom


Jun 12, 2014
The City of Richland, Washington, had an outdated document management system based on paper files and aging software. The city decided to move to a new enterprise content management solution based on KnowledgeLake products and Microsoft SharePoint. The result is more streamlined operations, lower costs, and better customer service for the city’s residents.

May 12, 2014

In common with many of their peers, Keoghs had implemented a Windows client based legal case management solution some years previously. However as their need to accelerate processes increased this solution had become a ‘rusty ball and chain’, preventing rapid changes and limiting Keoghs ability to scale to meet customer demands.

In seeking to find a replacement case management solution, Keoghs,  which refers to itself as non-conventional law firm, had several requirements that general law firm-orientated case management systems couldn’t meet. Keoghs focus on complex insurance claims together with industry changes required a level of process excellence typically associated with advanced business process management tools. These factors led Keoghs to choose a solution based on K2 and SharePoint.