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The Next Logistics Wave - Digital Trucking

Tip Sheet

Digital trucking makes possible a completely integrated supply chain, integrating the truck into real-time logistics data across the entire supply chain, from parts and materials suppliers to manufacturers to warehouses and distributors and finally to the end customer. Now before everyone has nightmares about driverless 18-wheelers careening down the I-95 corridor between Washington, DC and Richmond at 70 mph, let's focus on the role that digitizing logistics information can potentially play in revolutionizing the entire supply chain. So what does this mean? Find out in our new Tip Sheet -- The Next Logistics Wave - Digital Trucking.

3 Keys to Your GDPR Compliance Strategy

Tip Sheet

A new set of European rules and standards related to privacy and data protection (the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) has set in motion a mad compliance scramble not for European companies, but for any company doing business in Europe or with European customers. The regulation codifies many privacy rights and creates an explicit obligation to the controller as well as the processor to be able to demonstrate their compliance to the GDPR. The clock is ticking – the regulation goes into effect in May next year, and the potential penalties for non-compliance are significant (up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover). So what does this mean? Find out in our new Tip Sheet -- Three Keys to Your GDPR Compliance Strategy

4 Guaranteed Ways to Create a File Migration Mess

Tip Sheet

Rapid technology change in the information management space is creating a fundamental tension for organizations. On the one hand, as organizations make their plans for the next 18-24 months, they can clearly see the attractiveness of cloud content management solutions and the imperative of making these solutions are more important part of their infrastructure. On the other hand, they likely have older legacy ECM systems - likely multiple systems - performing critical functions that can't just be turned off without suffering lots of business disruption. Find out more in this Tip Sheet.

Guest Post - Medical Records: Getting Smarter but not Intelligent

Dan Antion

Unfortunately, I’ve had a few recent encounters with our healthcare system. As you would expect, I paid attention to the recordkeeping process. The spectrum ranged from paper to born-digital and has me thinking about my health records in a new way.

[Working Lunch Series] Changing Times: The Future of ECM

John Mancini

What are you having for lunch today? A tuna sandwich? A salad? No matter what you're having, we have the perfect side dish to go with it - learning!

What Are Your Processes Telling You About Your Business

White Paper

Download this eBook to discover how organizations acquire greater insight and visibility into processes, their future plans and procedures, best practices, and challenges you may face.

Our Collision Course with GDPR - Achieving Compliance Before It's Too Late


Download this infographic to learn about important notifications to keep in mind while preparing for GDPR compliance, as well as benchmark your GDPR readiness progress against peers.

In Pursuit of the CIP: why did I wait so long?

Peggy Winton

I have a confession to make: I was a CIP skeptic. That’s right; I often found myself questioning whether the body of knowledge CIP represents -- even in its redesigned form -- was truly relevant for today’s information stewards in leading the digital transformation charge. I wondered whether business strategists who comprise the fastest growing AIIM membership sector would find applicability therein? Or, was CIP simply a capstone on a lifelong career for those core (and fewer) content “specialists”?

The Business Case for SaaS Secure Content Distribution in Higher Education: Data Regardless of its Source


Here’s an inside look at enterprise level, document distribution SaaS security solutions in the higher education vertical.

The Business Case for SaaS Secure Content Distribution in State and Local Government: Data Regardless of its Source


Here's an inside look at enterprise level, document distribution SaaS security solutions in the state and local government vertical.
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