IG Policy versus IG Reality - bringing your wild content under control

Jan 08, 2015


To apply Information Governance policies to content you need to know what type of content it is and what it relates to, and you need to classify it against your agreed classification scheme. To have value to the business the content needs to be tagged so that it can be found – and it needs to be the only copy, not a duplicate copy or a superseded one. If a piece of content can be deemed as having no value to the business then it needs to be disposed of, not maintained under the IG regime.  All of these good things – security, retention, access, find-ability – flow from accurate metadata.

Based on a survey, we look at how well data clean-up products work for automated application or correction of metadata within existing repositories against a set of policy-applied rules, and within a classification scheme set by the IG policy.

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