C-Change: The Impact of Consumerization of IT

Oct 05, 2012

Sometimes, buzzwords really ARE changing the world.

The phrase “consumerization of IT” refers to the ubiquitous reality that the technology available OUTSIDE the enterprise is perceived as being more sophisticated, more user-friendly, delivered in a quicker time frame, and lower-cost than the technology INSIDE of the enterprise.

Authored by futurist Thornton May in collaboration with AIIM's Executive Leadership Council, this prescriptive work suggests that the consumerization phenomenon should not be micromanaged as an administrative hassle associated with controlling/slowing the explosion of devices emanating from the vast, fast and global consumer electronics industry. Nor is consumerization merely a question of determining policies for allowing/denying access to an exponentially growing SOMOCLO (social, local, mobile, cloud) application set.

AIIM  encourages readers to leverage the guidelines provided to play a leadership role in this exciting new era.

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