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4 Things You Need to Know About the Real World of Multiple ECM Repositories

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Accessing what you need when you need it remains a challenge. Almost every knowledge worker has experienced the “two screen” phenomenon – working in email or a business application on one screen, while viewing the information you need from an ECM system on the other. According to AIIM research, file shares are still in widespread use among 52% of companies with at least one ECM system in place. Download this FREE tip sheet and find out how you can solve the "two screen" problem.

5 Reasons to Get Serious About the "Last Mile" Problem

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The "Last Mile" is an Overlooked Process "Moment of Truth." A "moment of truth" is a deciding instant that determines whether something will succeed. According to Wikipedia, "Transporting goods via freight rail networks and container ships is often the most efficient and cost-effective manner of shipping. However, when goods arrive at a high capacity freight station or port, they must then be transported to their final destination. This last leg of the supply chain is often less efficient, comprising up to 28% of the total cost to move goods. This has become known as the last mile problem." Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how to use innovative information management practices to solve the "last mile" problem.

Misplaced Data Quality Priorities – OCR Accuracy vs. System Performance

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Data Quality is Critical in a Digital Era. Data has a shelf life - and a short one. And data quality is critical to four key organizational priorities: a) responding to customers in a timely fashion; b) gaining insights from all of the information - both structured and unstructured - being gathered by your organization; c) shortening the time for decisions based in these insights; and d) improving the quality of these decisions. This need for speed and agility ties directly into the characteristics organizations should consider about data quality and document processing. Download this FREE tip sheet and find out the truth about data quality.

5 Reasons Why the SaaS Revolution Needs a Unified Content Strategy

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Many organizations now risk an explosion of content silos. The explosion of SaaS process solutions, often each with their own content platform, is creating a brand-new content silo problem - on steroids. So how do you 1) take advantage of the flexibility and agility represented by SaaS solutions AND 2) solve the content silo problem? I'm convinced that cloud content management and a unified content strategy are critical to solving this equation. Download this FREE tip sheet and learn why the SaaS revolution needs a unified content strategy.

6 Reasons Financial Document Automation is the Future of Finance


Download this infographic to learn about how today’s intelligent financial document automation solutions may be better positioned to solve enterprise challenges from managing digital transformation to better operational awareness and content visibility.

The Power of Financial Document Automation: Why it Matters and What You Need to Know

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Download this focused article to learn how the future of finance is document automation and learn about the growing expectations of workers for automated, mobile, and cloud-based solutions, the competitive need to go beyond information management, leveraging information for actionable insights and automating key workflows—most pressingly in finance and best practices and recommendations.

Paper at the Gates: Driving Digital Revolution with Modern Capture

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Download this eBook to learn how capture is the entry point to the digital office, the gateway for inbound and outbound content, as well as the starting line where digital transformation initiatives begin.

Logistics Means More Than Just Moving Physical Stuff Around

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Mention the word "logistics" and odds are the person on the other end will conjure up images of some massive and complex military operation - and the challenge of reporting upon military logistics in some intelligent way. The famous 150 year-old image by Charles Joseph Minard showing Napolean's attack on Russia and retreat always comes to mind. Organizations have long struggled with these core "information logistics" questions: Syncing, Migrating, Archiving, and Disposing. And more importantly, when to choose which. Download this Tip Sheet to discover 3 reasons why these core information logistics issues are more challenging than ever before.

What If Your Search Was Better and More Encompassing?

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Enterprise search with semantic enrichment provides a framework to rethink the enterprise search value equation. The Council of Science Editors notes, "Content Semantic enrichment is the process of adding a layer of topical metadata to content so that machines can make sense of it and build connections to it...Semantic metadata provides the answer to an important question, 'What is the meaning of this content' in a way that computers can process so that they can find, filter, and connect information." Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how semantic technologies can improve enterprise search.

6 Key Transportation and Logistics Challenges

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It's more about information than planes, trains, and automobiles. Business disruption, driven by massive changes in technology and information management, is sweeping through every industry - even transportation and logistics. We usually think of challenges in the T and L industry in terms of the physical mechanics of transporting an item from point A to point B. And while that certainly remains an important part of the T and L equation, future market leaders in this industry will need to focus on 6 key trends - information management trends - that are redefining the T and L landscape. Download this FREE tip sheet and learn how to use innovative information management practices to solve key T and L challenges.
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